Our favorite tweets of the week: October 1 – October 7, 2012

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Photoshop-like #CSS Gradient Generator http://ow.ly/e74HJ

Beautiful http://ow.ly/e7Ggd  Book trailer for INSTANT: THE STORY OF POLAROID

If you’re a beer fan you should definitely check out https://goodbre.ws/  for trying something new & appealing for you

Google Merges Trends And Insights For Search, Expands Hot Searches List to India, Japan And Singapore http://ow.ly/e8toY

Famous logos and their transformation over time http://ow.ly/e8x0g

Save Your Favorite Quotes with Findings http://ow.ly/e8wEU

Turn your photos into turn collages with http://mixel.cc

Grab a seat for the story of the new http://Microsoft.com http://depot.ly/ebfFi

With these cleverly upcycled items, gray is the new green http://depot.ly/ebv4z  *Well done @_i29

Create Fun Avatars with FaceYourManga http://depot.ly/edt3p

Handpicked collection with the best 100 fonts from google fonts http://depot.ly/edQM2

For Obama, Jobs, and Zuckerberg, Boring Is Productive http://depot.ly/edJMu  Interesting article

In these modern times, less is more http://depot.ly/edLsH  Abandoned paintings by Bence Hajdu

Redesigned LinkedIn Brand Pages Are Now Available to All Companies http://depot.ly/efyf7

Internet Explorer 9 Commercial http://depot.ly/efEzu  The Honest Version

Beautiful monsters illustrated by Angie Iver http://depot.ly/efFST

Nicolas Le Borgne’s obsession with cult-animation and pop-surrealism http://depot.ly/efJ2Q

A closer look at Godard’s Band À Part, this ‘petite piece’ of French motion art. http://depot.ly/efKxZ

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