Yahoo considering rebranding?

This is the logo you may be soon looking at whenever you point your browser to

The Internet giant have not yet made an official announcement about any change on their identity, but a TechCrunch reader was asked to give a feedback on a new Yahoo! logo while answering an online survey.

Besides the change of color from purple to a deep blue, which actually still has a lot of purple in it, the most noticeable feature change is the choice for a sans-serif type giving a much more “vertical” look to the new brand. I can’t say that I don’t like it, because the new brand does appeal to me, but letting the Yahoo! serifs go is quite a shame; and they have such a well established identity that I think the great majority of users will miss the old version.

Take a look at the question and compare both versions: 

One thing is certain, the question in itself is not a guarantee that any change will happen. According to TechCrunch, here’s what a Yahoo! spokesperson said about the online survey:

Yahoo! is continually developing and testing new concepts in an effort to offer the most delightful experiences for users and advertisers, but we don’t have anything new to announce at this time.

Whenever a well know international brand such as Yahoo! starts to think about re-branding, they tend to pick one of two quite established strategies: they either keep the entire process top-secret and risk receiving a negative feedback once the new brand is out there, or they take on a safer route by asking the opinion of some of their most valuable users.

It seems Yahoo! has chosen the second strategy; the safest path into re-branding. What do you think is the best way of revamping a business identity, the secret or open way? What about the new Yahoo logo, what are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments.

  • Evert

    Personally I always found the (old) logo to be a bit too “loose”, almost childish. And the new log presented here does not change much in that aspect. I don’t have any data to back me up, but I would think these logo’s do not appeal to an older audience? Somehow it reminds me of comic sans.

  • Teresa Susag-Smith

    The first question that comes to mind is “Why bother?”. It isn’t better, it isn’t even a particularly well designed typeface. Yahoo has been around long enough that they should be concentrating on representing the longevity of their brand. A growing up perhaps. They can do better. Doesn’t even look like much effort was put into it.

    • Ray Vellest

      That’s a very interesting question, and one way of looking at this identity change is from a marketing perspective. Back in the prehistoric days of the Internet, Yahoo! was a leading search engine and rebranding can be used also as a marketing strategy to bring more awareness to a brand that may—but not necessarily—be outdated.

  • cenap

    I can’t believe that they had a designer spend any time on this. What’s with that scaled up second O? Wouldn’t a designer massage the stroke widths some? (I would have.)

  • coalesceideas

    What happen to Yahoo? the new upcoming logo is some what a lil bit terrible

  • Walter Apai

    I’d like to see a rounded font used for their logo. Feels more casual/modern.

  • shivabeach

    In 2 weeks no one will remember what the old one looked like. Its like the neighborhood house that gets torn down and then you cant remember where it was

    • Ray Vellest

      I would go as far as 2 weeks, but you are spot on. If Yahoo! truly chooses to go with this new brand, they will focus all of their marketing efforts into pushing the new identity in the mind of consumers as quick as possible.

  • Mark Joseph Lape

    It looks very asian. Like it’s made in Bruce Lee era. Might as well put it in red or in a bamboo.

  • themoshman

    The old logo is outdated but at least we’re used to it and it has some brand recognition. The newer version looks equally out of touch only no one recognises it.