Logo land: a terrain of twists and turns

An apple with a bite out of it is instantly recognizable — but delivering a logo with such iconic potential is more complicated than simply going from A to B. In fact, the road to a killer logo is often times a windy path.

Take a look at this great infographic outline of the logo process, courtesy of Guru Corporation. At the outset, the job is investigative; with detective hats on, the creative team researches, asks questions, analyzes the target audience, scrutinizes competitors, and brainstorms. The process then moves from factual to conceptual, with creative inspiration coming from any number of sources until it finds its way to paper. Enter the design elements—think color, font, and scale—and boom: a fleshed-out finished product awaits client approval (or revisions).

It’s far from easy, and may involve a few all-nighters. But hey — Rome wasn’t built in a day… and neither is a world-class brand.

 Logo design process

What’s your logo design process? How does it differ from other design processes? Let us know in the comments.

  • jaystrab

    Sketch and doodle should come before deciding on colors and fonts. In fact, I’m not sure why there is “Decide on colors, fonts and design elements” and then “Experiment with colors, shapes and angles” later on. And then, after that, it says “Use industry related fonts and colors”. “Paying attention to minor details” should not be in the sketch and doodle section. It is clear to me why companies/websites like Logo Design Guru and Logoworks have such terrible logos in their portfolio section. Regardless of how successful they are, they have no idea how to go about really designing a good logo.

  • disqus_XGvdyuKMrD

    I find this infographic quite ironic in regard to the company it was creative from. Per the LogoSnap website – “Through our unique 3 step logo maker, you’ll design your logo for free in as little as 5 minutes. Creating a unique logo design with LogoSnap is fast, simple and secure.”

  • http://schleitheim.com martyrologist

    Maybe I’m too OCD when I do logos, but I’m Sketching and Doodling throughout the entire first half of that process. As I talk with the client, I’m sketching. As I research, I sketch. It helps me consider fonts, colors, direction. I am constantly sketching. I don’t wait and let the logo become the slave to the hopes of a momentary stroke of genius. Sketching helps the logo come to life.