Our favorite tweets of the week: December 10 – December 16, 2012

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The Moleskine notebooks of famous creatives http://depot.ly/fWMGo

Beautiful Hungarian Star Wars posters http://depot.ly/fXETX

Redefining Web Designers, Web Developers, and Web Hybrids for the modern market http://depot.ly/fZVkR  *Interesting read

Hello Fireworks: cool website about Adobe Fireworks & screen design – http://depot.ly/fZVKA  /via @smashingmag

Harry Clarke has created some stunning dark & macabre drawings to illustrate E. A. Poe stories http://depot.ly/fZWcH

Useful stuff: Nine Ways to Improve User Experience in Mobile Design http://depot.ly/g2dPb  #UX

This is it http://depot.ly/g2lnK  “End Of The World” Inspired Artworks

This is fun http://depot.ly/g2ndG  3 Ways Cartoons Can Improve Your Blog

Autumn Whitehurst creates beauty http://depot.ly/g2lyK

How Google’s Designers Are Quietly Overhauling Search http://depot.ly/g2nGv

For your inspiration: 8 great examples of brochure design http://depot.ly/g4cwK

Beyond CMS: Non-Traditional and Creative Ways to Use WordPress http://depot.ly/g4ei3

Finally! A New Flickr App http://depot.ly/g4dWC  Do you like it?

When’s the last time your jaw-dropped? http://depot.ly/g4XBH  5 TED Videos You Should Not Miss

Learn, have fun, and enjoy the holiday spirit http://depot.ly/g51mg  Create a Jolly Santa Vector Illustration

Guardian kills its Facebook social reader and regains control over its content http://depot.ly/g5XJ5

Introducing http://WordPress.com  Enterprise http://depot.ly/g5XNW  What do you think?

Twitter photos http://depot.ly/g5Z1D  Did you already put a filter on it?

So cute and creative! http://depot.ly/g5Z9r  100 Renditions Of The Classic Toy Car, From 100 Different Designers

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