20+ Bold and Beautiful Websites

Kendra Gaines By Kendra Gaines  |  Jan. 23, 2013

For a while now, designers have been absolutely infatuated with all things subtle. We love subtle patterned backgrounds and intricate decorative elements; we are even into the muted color palettes.

We forgot about going bold for a minute, but it seems like it’s back. With the use of smaller devices (such as tablets and mobile phones), it’s become popular to make sure your work can be seen. And what better way to do it than to go bold with it?

Creating bold websites starts from the layout and extends to the colors and the font sizes. One may look to choose all pieces or some of these pieces to create a website that demands attention and is also easy to read. While it’s a bit of a trendy thing to do, it’s a wonderful technique because you want your readers to remember your site and you also want them to be able to make the most use of your site. After all, isn’t that the point of good design?


1948 London

The reason Nike sells shoes so well is because they have this wonderful way of combining their fashions with culture. There’s almost always a decent bit of back-history to all of their shoes. This website is dedicated to the shoe culture straight out of London.


Blast Processor

This creative agency’s bread and butter is creating apps for mobile technology. What better way to show their expertise than to create a website that will be easily viewable on these mobile mediums. This responsive website makes sure the copy is legible at all times by going for that bold look.



You can absolutely create a niche from anything. This restaurant takes pride in the way their cattle are raised, not just their wonderful menu. Their in-your-face approach familiarizes viewers with their purpose as well as gets their taste buds tingling.


Chris Boddy

Chris takes a simple yet bold approach in presenting his past work experience. While the colors are pretty muted and there are some subtle elements, he uses large headlines to draw attention to what is arguably the most important part of this website.


Corona Radiata

If you ever peruse a web design gallery, you will come across a lot of agencies that are doing the same things. Muted colors, sans serif fonts and other subtle elements. Corona Radiata does the exact opposite by going with a bold and bright color scheme and a beautiful serif font. This is easily a favorite.


Diehl Group Architects

You don’t see many architects or construction companies with beautiful websites. They tend to go with more of corporate and stern route. Diehl Group is not only breaking that mold, but they’ve also given us a beautiful and bold website with their use of full size images, large headlines and large icons.


Don’t Talk to Robots

This is another creative portfolio that doesn’t dip into the trend of subtlety. Yes, it’s kind of a muted color palette, but there’s a lot of attention again on the headlines as well as the icons here. There’s no shyness in this guy.


Everything You Need to Know About Design on the Web

Everyone (including myself) will tell you that a landing page needs to have some sort of visual and features above the fold, and more features and details below the fold. Piccsy created this landing page and disregarded all of our advice. On top of that, they went with a very eye-catching color choice. 



GoodTwin is a digital agency that believes in creating experiences for users. What I like most about this site is they create a bold approach that’s unlike others. Many agencies like to keep things minimalist, flat and rather static while this site uses more graphical influence and some movement.



At first, you’d think Manos is a lot like the websites we aren’t talking about today. They have a very muted and unexciting color palette and not many elements at all. However, this site does a good job of combining the boldness that you’ll see in other sites as well. The large copy and icons really help bring that idea home. 


Ryan Michael Kelly

Ryan Michael Kelly is a skilled photographer and film maker, who pretty much stays within the realms of fashion. Being into fashion, it’s no surprise that he wanted to go for an in-your-face look, but this site is smart because it’s also hard to forget. The layout is something we don’t see done often, but it works well with the way he presents his work. 


Joan Pons Moll

Half the battle in creating a portfolio website is figuring out how you want to present your work. There are many standard layouts that work, but you’ll always want to create one that works specifically for you. Joan Pons Moll has created a very unique layout that shows her skills and puts much of her work in the face of visitors.


John Dierks

John Dierks seems to have a method to his madness. The level of understanding he seems to have for his projects is amazing and he seems to have it documented. This website is bold all the way throughout — with bold fonts, large fonts and a jolting color palette as well. This is another site that is pretty unforgettable and amazing. 


Life in Greenville

Some folks out of Greenville, South Carolina decided to create a website dedicated to their beloved city. Most tourist websites are extremely content heavy, but this website focuses on the most important parts of Greenville. Now, because it isn’t content heavy, they decided to go with that in-your-face feel probably to take up space. However, it really works and makes Greenville extremely attractive.


Michel Doudin

Remember when we just talked about how to present a portfolio? It seems like Michel got this memo because he’s utilized a good portion of his skills to show off his other skills. This website isn’t memorable just because of it’s bold styling, but also for it’s very different and very neat navigational style. 



One of the tricks to creating a website that’s bold is knowing exactly when to use it. Making all your elements in that style can get a bit boring and lose its punch. But  Mode decided they were going to use it in a very specific place. Actually, the most important place on the site — which is the portfolio. 


Red Antler 

Layouts on websites help create importance and hierarchy by telling viewers what to read and what to click. Red Antler has created a layout that works well and creates balance. The bold typography and colors help as well.



At first glance, this website seems a little boring or a little too straight forward. You get what they’re about, a bit of their work, and how to contact them. However, if you play around with the website a little bit, you’ll notice some secret compartments that reveal lots more information. Not to mention the presentation is kind of excellent.


Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a neat little idea that exclusively improves your style. The idea is to fill out a questionnaire about your style so you can be sent clothes to keep (and pay for) or send back. This is a pretty new idea that is easily spelled out on the Stitch Fix homepage.


Studio Mds

Studio MDS is full of creative thinkers that desire to solve problems creatively. This website helps to prove this theory but what’s most important is that they have created a space where all things bold can live without too much redundancy. 



Typespiration is actually a website I’d recommend for all designers to peruse. Not only do they show you wonderful typography treatments, but they hook you up with the HTML and CSS that does with it. Fortunately, the website is clean and bold enough for you to figure out how to get around.



This grid-based website is probably one of the best I’ve seen. It’s so easy to navigate and get around, it’s hard not to believe the people at Etch know exactly what they’re doing. This is a stellar website that chooses to go bold in their layout and typography.


Think of all the benefits a bold, beautiful and simple website offers you and your audience: readibility, recognition, and the opportunity to stand out from the millions of other websites on the internet right now. What’s most important to you?


Did we miss any of your favourites? Are there any bold sites you’ve worked on lately? Let us know in the comments!