25 Vivacious Vector Sites

Kendra Gaines By Kendra Gaines  |  Jan. 04, 2013

There’s just something about vector illustrated websites; they’re fantastical and breathtaking; they’re exciting and bold. Designers are able to create worlds and people that only exist in dreams.

If you’re a hardcore Photoshop junkie or HTML magician, it’s really hard not to be jealous of those with some Illustrator skills. Recently, I’ve had to use the program for some edits. It’s a crazy and somewhat complicated world in there.

Most web designers deal almost exclusively with raster images. Fortunately, there are some of us who have vector skills and deserve some recognition.


Illustrated and vector websites

Today, we’re going to keep it simple and show off some of the best illustrative websites we’ve seen. From landscapes to creative characters, I’m sure you’ll find something that tickles your fancy. So, let’s jump right in.


On Departure

Everything about this website is vector, from the web design to the video. This is a very simple site that serves one single purpose, but it does tap into the imaginative values of vector.


Di Biasotto

There is a lot going on with this website. Understand that I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. There’s lots of illustration and extravagant navigation. With portfolios, you have to put your best foot forward and they did just that.



DIY is a website dedicated to teaching people skills. Unlike most the sites we visit, this doesn’t just deal with great coding or programming. You can learn how to cook, camp, or even build a fort.


Bones Brigade DJ’s

This is actually one of my favorite sites to check up on regularly. Every time there’s a new event, there’s a different illustration posted. This website is at why most websites, as it aims to be an online flyer of sorts.


Daum & Co.

There’s a slight bias to this website as I absolutely love the color gray. Never would I have thought a monochromatic website could look this good. Great job here.


English Workshop

English workshop is an organization that focuses on basically teaching English. They’ve used illustrations to help convey what seems to be the seriousness of the work they do.


Envira Media

They took a different approach to web design altogether. Very rarely do you see left navigation or a page layout like this. They went a step further by engulfing this design in a a beautiful landscape.



EuroVPS claims to be the hosting authority in Europe. I wouldn’t know whether to believe the claim or not, but they have put together a website that backs it up. You can see the detail used in this site, which makes it hard to love.


Timothee Cottier

Here, we are introduced to a bit of subtle animation. This works well many times for vector because it reminds us of cartoons. This website is cute yet clear and concise in its purpose.


Pronto Marketing

Again, this is a website where every element uses some sort of illustration. It’s hard not to enjoy 2-D videos that were with the company. This landing page is simple and enjoyably effective.



They base their brand around being able to push towards the future. It’s a bold claim, but the futuristic style of their website makes me believe it a little more. Though they’re random vector bits, this site is just as imaginative as anything else.


Latin Rogue Cleaning Services

It’s hard to make cleaning sexy, but the illustrations of this lady lay some claim to being seen as a sex symbol. It’s been made possible on this website, via vector. I guess you can imagine anything.



They do a great job of creating interest in their offerring. It looks fun, it looks enticing and neat! I will make sure to give this a quick try.


Mega Cultural

Mega Cultural uses many different approaches to their illustrated look. Either way, all the elements work very well together. This is a very fun website that is worth looking at and interacting with.



While Metaverse uses some great illustrations, you cannot deny their wonderful use of typography is dominant. Not only do you get some animation, but you also get some fun sounds when you interact with the site.


Mobile Statistics

Mobile statistics is built as a website version of an info graphic. The purpose is obvious, is to the point any make sense. Fortunately, they have a really good illustrator on hand.


Moving Things

This is an extremely popular website because it’s pretty perfect. There many design elements that mesh well with the typography, The illustrations, the page layout and the purpose of the site. This is a great inspiration to all.



Welcome to a world where we fish for resumes and pelicans fly in water. It’s crazy farfetched, but it’s possible with vector.


Ray’s Lab

Ray’s has created one of those fantastical scenes we talked about. This artistic expression is the type of thing we can only imagine. Ray’s Lab does a good job of keeping a consistent, creative feel to their website.


Simple as Milk

This agency chose a very clean approach to vector. While they spotlight typography, there are some great illustrated images on this website. This site shows a great balance between fundamental web design and vector illustrations.


Carbonmade Talentpool

Carbonmade is pretty popular with designers and creatives. We often use it to create our portfolios to share with the world. It looks like they have something new coming soon, so they’ve made a splash page for it.


The Goodetime Gals

This website uses vector and illustrations to create a vintage feel. It feels like we’ve stumbled upon an old time diner — and I think that’s the point! This has great retro flair.


Veboo Labs

This is something a lot of designers should take notice of — sure they don’t have time to make their own extravagant website. So, they’ve made a single page website that’s absolutely amazing (and effective)!


Panther Sites

They are trying to solve a problem that everyone has: they want to make websites easily available for everyone because everyone needs one. While I’m not familiar with their product or service, I can tell you they’ve made a design that makes me want to at least give it a try.



Did we miss any of your favorites? Have you designed any sites using vector-style illustrations lately? Let us know in the comments.