Our favorite tweets of the week: December 31, 2012 – January 6, 2013

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Nice tutorial list put together by the folks at @psdtutshttp://depot.ly/gsHoV

And the best product of 2012 is … http://depot.ly/gtJPp

Build a Twitter Clone From Scratch http://depot.ly/gtKnW  The Design

15 TED Talks Every Web Designer Should Watch http://depot.ly/gvkGK

French Minister Demands Twitter Censor Hate Speech http://depot.ly/gvm5p  Now what do you say about this?

AKQA’s @AndiSmith demonstrates how to use WebRTC to control webcam and microphone feeds http://depot.ly/gwalP  Thanks @netmag

This is a fun image: If Twitter was around 50 years ago and used by the design greats http://imgur.com/iqfV4

6 ways to to improve your site’s tappiness http://depot.ly/gw6jR

How piracy killed a game in less than a week http://depot.ly/gxoad

Check out this pic about tech companies & their New Year’s Resolution http://ow.ly/i/1kqWF

Trends, Expectations, and Truth About Web Design 2013 http://depot.ly/gxrDR  *Thanks @htmlcut

Wow! This installation features cars half buried underground at the CMP Block in Taiwan http://ow.ly/i/1kw1G

This really sounds addictive http://depot.ly/gy1dz  An app that lets you rate anything in seconds

If Santa Claus was a hipster … http://depot.ly/gy1Fi

Graphic design can change your life. Let it: http://depot.ly/gyjgH

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