Our favorite tweets of the week: January 21, 2012 – January 27, 2013

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Fun photography project by Carra Sykes: “Like Mother Like Daughter” http://depot.ly/h6COX

Good tips on designing for #SEO from @SEOmozhttp://depot.ly/h6ziF

Internet Explorer is emotionally blackmailing us with its new ad, “Child of the 90s” http://depot.ly/h6yOz

WorkFlowy is a good tool for those of you who love procrastinating http://depot.ly/h6ybj

This might interest you – http://depot.ly/h6wAM  – 20 Best online tools for checking backlinks

Learn and get inspired http://depot.ly/h6wws  6 Startup Lessons From Designers At Pinterest, Fuseproject, And Behance

A Silly Browser Game That Visualizes The Science of Interface Design http://depot.ly/h6cs5

In Finland, Street Art Is Catalyzing a Change in Law http://depot.ly/h6bHG

Twitter Introduces Vine for Creating GIF-Like Looping Videos http://depot.ly/h6axC  /via @mashable

Nice tips from @davidwalshblog: Allow More #HTML Tags in #WordPress Comments http://depot.ly/h5wN0

Ever Wanted To Be Siri? Apple Seeks A Writer http://depot.ly/h5tG3

Hilarious Insults, Rendered Lovingly And Mailed To Strangers http://ow.ly/h3Eif

Very cool! World Map of Social Networks http://depot.ly/h3ymR  /via @vincos

Creative Sandbox by Google http://depot.ly/h3CRs  Have you seen it?

Aesthetically impressive wilderness by Joram Roukes http://depot.ly/h1BAs

10 legendary business cards http://depot.ly/h1AMA

France (in need of in need of new revenues?) wants to tax Facebook, Google “personal data collection” http://depot.ly/h1ayp

The responsive web will be 99.9% #typographyhttp://depot.ly/gZp3J  – Interesting prediction. What do you think?

Preparing Websites For The Unexpected http://depot.ly/gZoVz  /via @smashingmag

Interesting: The secret to finding out how many Apple employees dig your stuff http://depot.ly/gZoRw

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