New app to get you Unstuck

It may be a project at work you just can’t get a handle on, or an important decision you can’t seem to make; but regardless of the situation, everyone can relate to the feeling of being stuck. Luckily, there’s Unstuck — a free iPad app designed to help users break free from a sticky situation.

Released by SYPartners — experts in leadership and company transformation, whose clients include Starbucks, Facebook, and Target — this revolutionary app seeks to offer users the necessary tools to stop being stagnant and start taking action.

Utilizing clever animation, the Webby award-winning app begins with a short demo video to walk you through the process. From there, you answer a series of questions about the problem you’re facing and the magic app goes to work — not only revealing why you may be stuck, but offering creative solutions and means of implementation. From changing perspective to setting goals to getting inspired, Unstuck can get you over the hump and help your stalled wheels start turning again. Plus, the app’s infographic approach to presenting information makes the process engaging and easy to navigate.

It’s not the same as consulting a professional or gabbing for two hours with your sister, but there is a community aspect to Unstuck that allows users to connect with others going through similar trials. So whether you choose to keep the problem solving private or venture into the virtual neighborhood of fellow Unstuckers, getting a grip on life’s challenges just became a little bit less daunting — and a lot more doable.

Download Unstuck for free and start taking action.


Have you tried Unstuck? What other techniques do you have for beating designer’s block? Let us know in the comments.

  • Phil Renaud

    Great app, but not particularly new – released about two years ago if I’m not mistaken.

  • bgbs

    Consulting some software for answers is like putting training wheels back on. The only thing that I can think of that would do that to you is marijuana.

  • tannerc

    Unstuck is seriously great. They’ve come a long way since version 1 to boot, though there are still some issues with the app: like having to create an account to use it and the occasional crash on iPad (but hey, what app doesn’t crash from time to time?)

    If you’re interested in a similar, more elegant creativity app try Oflow: