Our favorite tweets of the week: March 11, 2013 – March 17, 2013

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The neat designs of John Thai http://depot.ly/iYOX5

Great typography, check. Cool illustrations, check. Awesome book covers, check. Check out Adam Hill http://depot.ly/iYPgB

Is a Tweet Labor? http://depot.ly/iYQGp

A Guide To The Options For #WordPress Theme Development http://depot.ly/iYQsE  *Nice read from @smashingmag

Lessons Learned From an Experienced Freelancer http://depot.ly/iYKsw  via @speckyboy

The Gap Between Social Media and Business Impact http://depot.ly/iRxad  6 stages of social business transformation

Twitter launches its first music app http://depot.ly/iUXk8

And if you let go easier, here’s what to use instead of Google Reader http://depot.ly/iUXTP

Are we too sensitive to artistic plagiarism online? http://depot.ly/iRxEY  via @itsnicethat

You might love it http://depot.ly/iRvRZ  Letterpress: A minimal blogging platform

Nice tutorial http://depot.ly/iOdW7  How to Create a Book Cover and Mock Up in Adobe InDesign – Part 1

The One Thing Google Glass Forgot: Other People http://depot.ly/iOdjG

Web Design Trends to Help You Spring Clean Your Resumé http://depot.ly/iOd8c

4 Paths To Doing Great Work At A Terrible Company http://depot.ly/iOcSh

Designing For The Multifaceted User http://ow.ly/iObKn  *Great #UX read by @smashingmag

Hater App Lets You Hate Instead of Like http://depot.ly/iO3B9

Meet foto.sosho, the world’s first digital camera and app combination for the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 http://i.am

Stunning new light display in one of Japan’s botanical gardens http://depot.ly/iKgut

Star Wars geeks, check out your next destinations http://depot.ly/iJW28  Remnants of Abandoned Sets in Morocco & Tunisia

Genius prints by BBH New York for Guardian US http://depot.ly/iJX5h

Vimeo teams up with Vivoom to add snazzy filters & effects to your videos http://depot.ly/iJTuc  via @VentureBeat

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