Our favorite tweets of the week: March 18, 2013 – March 24, 2013

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Good tips: How to Migrate from Google Reader to Feedly http://depot.ly/jjUb5

A sweet alphabet book for kids about pizza doing things by Ohara Hale http://depot.ly/jjF8P  (+ animation)

Detect Vendor Prefix with JavaScript http://depot.ly/jjEuU

24 Awesome Web Design Conferences You Should Know http://depot.ly/jjU73

Here Comes Another Button: “Send To Kindle” http://depot.ly/jjG3P  via @marketingland

Making Sprite-based Games with Canvas http://depot.ly/jf89y  via @davidwalshblog

Handy tutorial http://depot.ly/jf8dL  How to Create a Book Cover and Mock Up in Adobe InDesign – Part 2

Outstanding Conceptual Art by Michael Kutsche http://depot.ly/jf7qN

A Case Study via @smashingmag: The Art Of Storytelling Around An App http://depot.ly/jf8k9

Celebrating 7 years of Twitter – http://depot.ly/jhqAS #Twitter7

The Future Of #UI Isn’t Invisible, Nor Is It Seamless http://depot.ly/jf7ZX

Useful tips: How to Add a Flickr Widget in #WordPress http://ow.ly/jf6iU

Cool Firefox Sketches by Martijn Rijven http://depot.ly/jf5YI

10 gadgets to keep you busy http://depot.ly/jeTXc

Collections by Jim Golden feels like a keyhole peek http://depot.ly/jcMUX

Perspective photography http://depot.ly/jcOcE  Hong Kong’s cramped 40-Square-Foot Apartments

instasham.me/  lets you fake fabulous ‘Instagram Moments’

DC Comics heroes go geometric in the awesome illustrations of Eric Dufresne http://depot.ly/jcLRy

What’s in a Name? Writers and Their Anthroponymy http://depot.ly/j9aN6  *Interesting read

Fascinating wood installations by Henrique Oliveira http://ow.ly/j99iB  via @fubiz

For your inspiration: Alexander Graham Bell on Success, Innovation, and Creativity http://depot.ly/j9bqK 

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  • http://wpblogexperts.com/ Ishan

    Google Reader has surely been the hottest topic this week for sure. I had been using feedly for some time now and the announcement did not affect me that much.

    Considering that they will transparently move to their own back end soon and have quite a big following, feedly is surely the best alternative to Google Reader right now. I also use Reeder on iOS and it rocks as well.

  • Hemanth Malli

    Good collection of tweets.. nice share !!