Deal of the week: Responsive parallax templates

Most sites have too much information; users are overwhelmed as CEOs wax lyrical on everything from their favorite charity to the dimensions of their first office.

In today’s increasingly information-saturated world, what studies find users often prefer is a simple, straight-to-the point, presentation of key facts.

One of the best ways to deliver that is a compact, single-page website.

For this week’s featured deal, our sister site have arranged a staggering 97% discount on a set of 20 HTML5 one-page websites featuring the fashionable parallax effect, designed by Flashmint.

All the designs are responsive, so you’re set for the mobile web, and you’ll receive the CSS, HTML and PSD files for each template so you can customize them to your needs.

For anyone looking to try out responsive or parallax designs for the first time, this is a great way to introduce yourself to the code.

Head over to now to check out the full set.


Which of these responsive parallax designs is your favourite? How would you use them? Let us know in the comments.

  • Tzvi Perlow

    The parallax idea is genius. But, when designing you must make sure, you are not following the trend, because parallax is enough of a ‘trend’ at this point (although I can probably forecast that it’s here to stay, and will take over the market – and will be a trend no more but the norma), every WD needs to make sure his sticks out as different than all the others… very different.

    Just make sure, that while doing that, you stick to the rules of parallax: keeping ’em simple, clean, neat and quick. Voila!

    (I personally like Studio27, Delicious, John Doe and ExPerience, the rest, in my opinion, are literally copies of each other)

    I would like to see people incorporate Infographics into these. Also, I would like to see an online store use this method. The former will be interesting, but the latter? that’s gonna be SUPER slick!

    • Wesleymiles

      agree. be mindful of hopping on the trend train. as long as you are. enjoy the ride. plan on checking out your reference urls. thanks!

  • Andrew Hersh

    You just made a sale! These are fantastic and just from the few moments I took to browse the files after downloading, look very easy to customize. I can see a lot of saved time in my future.

  • AnyDog

    Ok, since these are paralax one-pagers, and paralax is really heavy js (jQuery) dependent , am I seeing this right – no js files are included in download ?
    I know it looks like a insane deal, that is, it would be if all relevant files would be included in download.

    If no js files included, this is not insane, but good deal.