Flat UI Kit (free download!)

Trends start everyday: an idea is adopted, passed on and before you know it it’s being discussed on design blogs. However, most trends vanish as quickly as they appeared. To paraphrase Andy Warhol, everything will be trendy for 15 minutes. Once in a while, an idea is found to have something so fundamental about it that it thrives, even after the initial clamor dies down. Responsive design was one such ‘trend’ and flat-design looks like becoming another.

Flat design — which is more of a rejection of 3D artifice than it is a style — fits so perfectly into the contemporary landscape that it’s already hard to envisage a time when it wasn’t de rigueur.

To help you take the leap into flat design we’ve put together this great freebie: A free flat UI kit designed especially for Webdesigner Depot by Freepik.  As you know, Freepik.com is a leading search engine that indexes vectors, PSDs and photos free for personal and commercial use. It’s a great resource for graphic designers as their engine locates free graphic content and it displays the results in an orderly layout for easy access. 

See the full preview below and subscribe below to download the file. You can use the file for personal and commercial uses. Enjoy and share this with your friends!


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  • Todd Gilbert

    So “subscribe below to download the file”.

    Where exactly is that? The newsletter link in your footer? Confused.

    • Benjie

      The signup box is just below the image. We had a technical issue for a short while earlier today, but it’s there now.

      • http://www.rishi-luchun.co.uk/ Rishi Luchun

        Thanks…thought I was going blind!

      • Kiran Shields

        I still dont see it…

      • Benjie

        Kiran, what browser are you using?

      • Kiran Shields


      • Damian Dulisz

        Try to disable adblock. It should work after that.

  • http://sainoba.com Sainoba

    Thanks this wil come in handy

  • http://digitalevangelist.net/ Steven Grant

    where’s the download link?

    • Benjie

      Just below the image.

  • ganimi

    Where’s the direct link for download?

  • http://www.rishi-luchun.co.uk/ Rishi Luchun

    umm…where is the download button?

    • Benjie

      It’s below the image.

  • Leandro Castro

    Cant Download

    • Benjie

      Can you see the download box below the image?

  • Joseph Giuseppe Pignataro

    How can I download this great pack? Thank you so much for it!

    • Benjie

      Just enter your email in the box below the image.

  • http://www.kylepetzinger.com/ Kyle Petzinger

    No download link…

    • Benjie

      Apologies, we had a technical error earlier on, but the box is now beneath the image.

  • mike

    Where is the download link?

    • Benjie

      You’ll find it just below the image.

  • Leandro Maioral

    Where is the download link or the subscribe field?

    • Benjie

      It’s just below the image, let us know if you can’t see it.

      • ha

        pay wiith a tweet… i dont have account…:O

  • disqus_NGcID3Igbg

    where subscribe to dwonload this?

    • Benjie

      You just need to enter your email below the image.

  • Mary Makowsky

    Love this kit, but don’t see a way to download??

    • Benjie

      We had a small technical issue earlier, you’ll find that the subscribe box is now visible beneath the image.

  • Dora Cseri

    I might be wrong but just can’t find the subscribe or download button :(

    • Benjie

      No, you’re not wrong. That was a fault on our end, but it’s fixed now.

  • Dr Cacho

    Subscribe? Where?

    • Benjie

      Underneath the image.

  • Seb’s Studio

    How do you download this ?

    • Benjie

      You need to subscribe using the box underneath the image. We’ve corrected the earlier technical error so you should be able to use it now.

      • Seb’s Studio

        I’m still not seeing a subscriber box. I have opened this page in many browsers and still nothing. Can we have a direct link to the download please ?

      • Benjie

        Which browser/OS combination are you using?

  • http://www.dylpublicidad.com Leonardo Wyskiel

    Hi! Where’s the download link?

    • Benjie

      You will find it under the image (apologies for the earlier error).

      • http://www.dylpublicidad.com Leonardo Wyskiel

        Oh, thanks Benjie!

      • Benjie

        No problem, sorry for the error!

  • digitalfuturo

    Looks nice! How can I download it?

    • Benjie

      Glad you like it! You need to enter your email in the box under the image. We had a technical issue earlier but it’s there now.

  • Derrek Stahcs

    Subscribe to what?

    • Benjie

      Our newsletter. Don’t worry, you can unsubscribe at anytime if you change your mind.

  • Nara Bent Saud

    thank u .. but how can i find the download link after subscibing

    • Benjie

      You’ll get an email with instructions.

  • Dr Cacho

    HI? How can i download it?

    • Benjie

      You should enter your email in the box underneath the image.

  • Derrek Stahcs

    Where do we subscribe?

    • Benjie

      There’s a box under the image that was unfortunately hidden earlier by a technical error, apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Molly Fowler

    Download link?

  • Nara Bent Saud

    i cant download … WHY already subscribed

  • Justin Moore-Brown

    I’m clearly missing something as I don’t see where to sign-up to download this handy kit!

    • Benjie

      Apologies, we had a technical error earlier. It’s now resolved so you can sign-up using the box under the image.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004321110721 Adriano Laurentiu

    Seems to be inspired from Flat UI – http://designmodo.com/flat-free/ :)

  • jeffheis

    The subscription field is immediately below the graphic on the page.

  • Benjie

    You should receive an email with download instructions.

  • Benjie

    No, it’s not just you. We had a technical issue earlier but it’s resolved now.

    • squeakyweasel

      Wow Ben, that’s a lot of replies you made. Thanks for taking the effort to reply to everyone seperately … and thanks for the download too, it’s great!

      • Benjie


  • crftsy

    FYI — Could not see the sign-up box at the bottom on Chrome, had to open the page in IE to see it.

    • Benjie

      Thanks for letting us know.

  • Echo Swinford

    Sorry to pile on, but I signed up using the now-appearing box, but I haven’t received the email with instrux. Nope, it’s not in my junk folder, nor did the download begin immediately (even though I actually signed up for the newsletter using a different box earlier when this one didn’t appear).

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/ Walter Apai

      Please enter the same email address again and your download should begin immediately in your browser.

      • Echo Swinford

        It should, but it doesn’t. I will try with a different browser. (Does this mean I’m going to get multiple copies of mighty deals and your newsletter?)

      • Benjie

        No, you won’t be double, or triple subscribed. You’ll only ever get one newsletter to the same address.

      • Echo Swinford

        Seems to like Chrome better than IE9. (Who doesn’t? But that’s what I had open at the time I hit this page.)

  • http://www.warwickkay.com/ Warwick Kay

    FYI If you have adblock on the subscribe form doesn’t show up.

    • Sandro Rafael Tavares


  • Sandro Rafael Tavares

    Hmm nope, still no box for me below the image…

  • Valeriu Enache

    I subscribet twice (using two different e-mail adresses) but i didn’t received any e-mail with download instructions. I checked spam folders too.

  • fokker

    doesn´t work in Chrome/mac with the default popupblocker.
    Safari starts direct dl, in chrome js alerts informs about email notifications. Confusing hombres

    • Benjie

      Apologies, we’re looking into a solution for this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/krzysztof.romanczukiewicz Krzysztof Romańczukiewicz

    The download window didn’t appear in both Firefox and Chrome, try IE, worked for me.
    Still waiting for the DL link on my email though.

    Still thank you very much for sharing this! Great job.

    • Benjie

      If you re-enter your email address the download will start right away (you won’t be double-subscribed).

  • http://www.primewordpressthemes.com/ OnlyCreativeWorks

    Nice stuff, thanks!

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  • disqus_SMsuiw3tgr

    In chrome a box to write email doesn’t exist :/

    • Benjie

      If you temporarily disable your popup blocker it will work correctly.

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  • 1990banks

    I can’t seem to find the link that is said to be just below the image. Somebody helps me! :S

  • http://holtjohnson.com/ Holt Johnson

    Great design, this will come in handy.

  • CraigMacdonald

    didnt get the email :(

  • lewisflude

    Did anyone else get a horrible “ghost modal”?

  • http://www.thepenciler.com ThePenciler

    Just for FEI, the font used is SegoeWPN, SegoeWP Light, and Ebrima as far as I can see.

  • http://webdesign.ducktoes.com/ Ducktoes Web Design

    I’m not sure I like the flat look because, well, it looks so flat. But other people love it, I presume. Maybe I need to be educated in it, lol.

  • Benjie

    No, sorry. You can’t redistribute in any way.

  • Naxic Dave

    lovely interface, just blown away. Thanks for the share

  • Rasca

    I didn’t see any where to enter my E-mail?
    Just see “pay with tweet”

  • Ash

    Im Using the latest chrome browser with no ad blocker and there is no download link only a pay with a tweet button? Who wants to do that, I hate paying with a Tweet and paying with a Facebook Like……..rubbish!!!! Should just be a normal download link, As it states free download !!!

  • bilelz

    I redesigned my own website from this inspiration.

  • Majo Paskuvan

    Thanks for ur sharing !

  • http://graphicadvice.blogspot.it/ Michele Meggiolan

    Great! Thank for sharing!

    It will be featured on http://graphicadvice.blogspot.com

  • lupeipei

    thank you! I love it.

  • sureshnaik.guguloth

    how download it

  • ali mohammadi pur

    thanks a lot

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  • andymel

    This is great thanks for sharing, is there any articular reason the sizes are so big? was it designed for retina display?

  • j.s

    Really very nice kit, much appreciated thanks for sharing.