Side project: Type Fight

The side project series is a series of posts in which we’ll be taking a look at the best of designers’ side projects. To get things started, this week we’re going to be looking at Type Fight, a side project by designers Drew Roper, Ryan Paule and Bryan Butler.

Type Fight plays host to weekly “fights” in which two designers are asked to create a typographic treatment of the same character and then have their final designs voted on to determine whose is best. So far, Type Fight has hosted 61 guest fights between design heavyweights such as Alex Perez, Rogie King, Brendan Pittman, and Aaron Eiland, to name a few. There is also an ongoing battle between Drew and Ryan, who are now due to face off for an 11th time.

At the moment the site is on hiatus whilst currently being redesigned. However, you can still check out the old site and all of the fights that have previously taken place.

Here’s our collection of some of the highlights:

Type Fight - N
Type Fight - Q
Type Fight - 6
Type Fight - C
Type Fight - A
Type Fight - V
Type Fight - 3

Which of these characters are your favourite? Do you have a similar side project? Let us know in the comments.

  • Logo Cheff

    Great post. number 3 u have designed beautifully. Thanks. The post is very informative and gave me so many ideas for creating logo for one of my client.

  • Web Outsourcing Gateway Inc.

    Thanks for sharing. It gives idea to many designers. I like the number 3 on the right side. :)

  • Steve

    Seems like a rip-off?

    • Lauren Moyer

      not really one is a type battle, and the other is about type and calligraphy which has been battled for years, it’s not like an art battle is an original idea. We did all types of battles in school years ago, as did my friends in other schools. Just because people come up with similar ideas doesn’t equate to “rip-offs”, that stance is unnecessary for such a broad idea. Just learn to enjoy how people interpret similar ideas.