Jony Ive redesigns things

It was only a matter of time before Apple’s recent updates by hardware design chief Jony Ive became fodder for talented jokesters and spoofers alike. A new Tumblr blog, aptly named Jony Ive Redesigns Things, is a sampling of mockups by web users around the globe of familiar items redone in Ive’s colorful iOS7 motif. 

LA-based designer Sasha Agapov started the blog with a Google redesign. Items posted range from the Mona Lisa, to a Coke bottle, to Microsoft; along with every social media logo imaginable. There’s also a particularly humorous take on iTunes, the Apple logo and the Apple campus.

Whatever you think of the neon color scheme and flat design elements of the new Apple overhaul, this playful take on Jony Ive’s work is a reminder that somewhere there’s always a critic — or thousands of them — convinced they could do it better.


Which redesign is your favorite? What would you like to see Ive redesign? Let us know in the comments.

  • Kelli Anne

    I urge you to reconsider displaying that first image (from the conflict in Turkey). Pretty tactless. I expect more from @designerdepot.

    • Benjie

      Thanks for your comment.

      Why would it be tactless? The woman in the photograph is famous for being assaulted by police whilst wearing a red dress. The colour of her dress is integral to both the image and the story.

      The young woman involved didn’t die, and wasn’t imprisoned. At worst, reproducing it heightens awareness of the Turkish protests.

      • Kelli Anne

        And this collection of images is allegedly a “playful take on Jony Ive’s work.” What is going on in Turkey is not playful or humorous. So why would you diminish the importance of the image and what the woman in it is fighting for?

      • Jack Nycz

        Literally you’ve got to be able to take a joke.

      • Ter

        You’ve just killed it.

    • Frank Johnson

      kelli anne – you have no sense of irony. mixing up to current cultural issues is in no way making light of the situation in turkey, if anything it is doing the exact opposite by invoking confusion in the viewer – apple and jony ive get have gotten far more press than the people fighting in turkey, and this refactoring of that image points to the absurdity therein.

  • jaystrab

    I agree. This is really stupid. Just a tad of an over-exaggeration. Just because there is a gradient in the icons, someone will make an entire website dedicated to thrashing them? Umm… gradients have been around for a long time.
    I’m not saying that the icons are great. I don’t care for most of them either, but, the images in this post are entirely more awful that anything in iOS.

  • zekegraphics

    This is the introduction of a new concept design which actually looks really interesting if you view it outside the norm. It is not like everything else out there and when designing something of this scale it is either a great hit or long miss! Time will tell.