Win 10 licenses of the Jumpeye Framework

Today we have a neat giveaway from our friends at Jumpeye which will come in handy for all developers.

The Jumpeye framework is a responsive design framework that helps users build websites that look perfect on desktop, tablets and smartphones. By using the included fluid grid system, UI elements and components along with the recently added responsive website templates users will be able to build stylish responsive websites much easier and much faster.

Today’s your chance to win 1 of 10 commercial licenses of their superb framework. Each license is available for 100 domains and is worth $99/license.

Read on for more details on the Jumpeye framework as well as details on how to enter…

Here’s more information about the Jumpeye framework…



1. Fluid grid system

The core of the framework is the CSS grid system. Before users start designing their website, they can easily create a grid structure by using the online grid editor on the page of the product.



2. Responsive stylish UI elements

Jumpeye framework comes with a huge set of stylish UI elements: drop down menus, buttons, panels, tabs, tooltips, alerts, forms, tables and typography. Each type of UI element has several ready­made skins and they are highly customizable, so it will be easy to select the most appropriate design for any user’s site



3. Responsive JavaScript components

Two jQuery­ based responsive components are included in the framework: a photo gallery and an image & content slider. By using these components users can easily create image and content sliders, photo galleries, slideshows or portfolios inside their responsive websites built with the framework’s grid. 


The slider component supports image and HTML content in order to create website headers, tours and presentations, image sliders, banner rotators or any other type of slider. 


Jumpeye framework was recently updated with two responsive templates. These templates were created using the elements and components of the framework and users can use them for commercial purposes by only changing the media content (text and images). 


Empower:­ Responsive personal/small business website template



Glimpses:­ Responsive photography website template


How to enter:

  • Leave a comment below about what you like most about the framework (e.g. image slider component, drop down menus, the included templates)
  • Generic comments won’t be eligible
  • Enter your comment using your email address (not Twitter/Facebook, etc)

 By entering, you get a chance to win 1 of 10 commercial licenses available of the superb Jumpeye framework. Each license is available for 100 domains and is worth $99/license. Results will be announced here on WDD on June 14th, 2013. All winners will also be contacted by email. Good luck to everyone! 

[UPDATE] The contest has ended and the winners will be contacted by email to retrieve their prizes. Congratulations to the winners:

#6 – Michael S.
#17 – Pixellingo
#22 – Kathryn
#33 – Andy G
#41 – Volker
#45 – Motty
#51 – Horea
#52 – Gerben
#88 – Max
#100 – Arturo M.

  • grinch

    Nice contest, I’d love to win the Empower template. Good luck to everyone!

  • Mini0n

    I like the simplicity and the general look & feel of the framework. It’s an interesting alternative to Bootstrap. :)

  • phoat

    Best part about the framework are the responsive UI elements. Easy to create a nice consistent design that’s flexible enough for any type of site.


  • Gabe Couch

    This looks like a killer frame work. I really like their templates on the visual side and content. The fully developed site and how it works is nice and great for the ones learning to use frameworks or a new one. The custom form creator is a great feature as well.

  • Michael Shiferaw

    I like the plethora of available of the responsive stylish UI elements found on the jumpeye framework it saves me enormous time in terms of individual design and integration

  • Maria

    I love the jQuery imagen and content slider, is the best option from this framework.
    Kind regards

  • Lewisgmb

    The included UI elements are quite nice. The content slider is REALLY good when building game UI!

  • Sebastian

    Loving the gallery component. Cause that is always a bit of pain to create it responsively.

  • Guest

    I must say i love it all!! Starting my moves on responsive design this would be a hugeee help. Nice and clean templates and nice UI components :)

  • Peter Steven

    I must say i love it all!!! Starting my moves on responsive design this would be a hugeee help. Nice and clean templates and nice UI components :)

  • Andy Platt

    The best part of this framework is that it combines the responsive grids with javascript components that work well on both desktop and mobile providing a truly one-stop-shop solution. Would love to get my hands on a copy.

  • Adam Rowe

    The variety of UI elements is a draw for me: I love having a unique website, so the extra customization would be useful.

  • Ico Dimchev

    It looks easy to use. I like the responsive menu a lot

  • Sainoba

    I like the grid editor they have in their website. It’s quite handy but what I really like about the framework is the Alter Message Boxes

  • Guest

    Woof! So much to like – Do I have to pick one? Responsive, dynamic, flexible, stylish. Everything a growing boy needs.

  • pixellingo

    So much to like, but if I had to choose one favorite component, it would definitely be the flexible UI elements. It would appear this framework would make the creation thereof somewhere on the order of supersonic.

  • Levi

    I really love how the spacing is on the templates. It feels clean and profesional.

  • Alex

    One thing I like the most about this framework is the diversity of features and components that come along with this package. It’s not just an html and css framework to follow when building out a responsive website, but it includes everything you need to build out a complete website, from buttons to tool tips, items that you would of had to of find from multiple other resources otherwise.

  • Tiago Nobre da Penha

    Não vejo muita diferença entre ele e o bootstrap .. que alem de tudo é gratis !!

  • Ivan Zidarov

    Every new responsive framework upgrades the root one and adds some features.

  • Kathryn

    As a designer moving from print to web, this framework would be a lifesaver! I love the gallery responsiveness and form creator…so beneficial!

  • Mentor Kadriu

    Love the buttons! They have lots of styles and look awesome! :D

  • Jordi Fernandez

    I appreciate the great number of components it has

  • Hank H

    The templates are great for those who are wanting to try different elements on a responsive website design without have to start from scratch.

  • André Raimundo

    Damn i the only good framework i used so far was the 960 grid but damn this looks much more awsome, love the UI elemente wich really make the job easy :)

  • Laurens Vanpoucke

    There are a lot frameworks nowadays, so it’s hard to choose the right one. I like the javascript components, because this is the most difficult work when you create responsive websites. Good Luck to everyone! Thanks

  • TestShoot

    Why do all responsive sites stink for photography? Not everyone shoots landscape or in contained proportions.

  • Julie

    Would love to win! Like the idea of the image content slider

  • ilovebunny

    Looks like an awesome framework with useful components! seems fun to use for some web projects in the future.

  • tjedison

    I like the idea of the components/UI elements myself. I use Foundation now, and it’s free, but this will be worth a look. Having a license would allow me to try it out on some sites.

  • Hector

    The UI elements are definitely the best part of this framework. Of those, the panels are my favourite, it’s saved me so much time on one of my most recent projects!

  • Hector

    The UI elements are definitely the best part of the framework. Of those, the panels are my favourite, it saved me so much time on one of my latest projects!

  • Andy G

    My Favorite part? Honestly, the offsets and the push and pull features of the grid system. Dead simple to use and not a pain in the ass to space out responsive grid elements? Sign me up!!

  • Caltago

    What I like the most are the content & image slider components, but everything looks so great!

  • Kyle Hinze

    I like those design elements. I’d be interested to see how customizable they are because from project to project I might only need to tweak small aspects of them here and there. Really speed up productivity!

  • Naoya HIGASHI

    Nice contest, I’d love to win the Empower template. Good luck to everyone!

  • Daniel Smith

    I like the grid and components from the framework. Looks like it would make it easier and faster to get the initial build of a website started.

    The gallery and slider are just eye candy once you have a design base.

  • Tony

    I like all the different things you can do with the grid system, especially the push/pull and offset (what a great idea)!

    I would definitely make that part of my routine!

  • Lasantha_p

    Responsive UI elements that was awesome, also image slider component, drop down menus are the really nice, keep it up this good work………! :) all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mechax

    Seems like a nice alternative to bootstrap, I like the different styling options.

  • volk0r

    nice. i like the js components of this framework.

  • sheetalA

    I liked the responsive UI Elements with different skins to choose from, and the best part, you can design for all devices in one go. Also the slider component includes all the options to create a rich UX.

  • Strider

    I like the UI buttons.. they look colourful

  • Clarice Billowes

    It is super sexy, simplistic and has an image and content slider that I cannot stop playing with! /O I want, but good luck to everyone ;)

  • Motty

    I like the online grid editor option! Very useful.

  • Christian Rieger

    The most sexy ui! Would use it the make the web a little bit smarter ;)

  • Mc5ive

    This Jumpeye is rather nice, the grid is great. and the styles for tables are simple but not boring. Makes a change from the work of Bootstrap – Bootstrap everywhere!

  • Damian

    Wow, this looks like an extremely neat framework. it’s hard to find such a clean responsive framework these days and i also like its jQuery implementation.

  • Cristian Vargas

    What gets me going are the responsive templates and the UI elements, any help in making my work flow more fluid – the better.

  • cha

    The best in this framework is that all includes elements are responsive ! ALL ! (sometime it’s call responsive but only for grid…)

    And the repsonsive stylish UI elements seems to be tasty !

    By the way i’m photographer too so theGlimpses make me hungry…

    So good luck to all !!!

    (sorry for my english i’m french ;)

  • Horea

    It’s hard to pick only one reason for why I like this framework, but for sure it wold save me a lot of time in the further projects. Hope I win one license…
    Best wishes from Romania!

  • Gerben Van Dyk

    Great to see the responsive design of Glimpses. Your eyes jumps straight at the photos.

  • Shayan Qureshi

    As a graphic designer, sometimes, the scariest thing we will look at will be transferring our creative ideas onto the screen quickly and without the hindrance of not having our own programmer/coder at hand. What i love about this framework? it bridges the gap between Graphic Designer and the web, enabling us to dream into reality without breaking the bank for our end user. Thank you!

  • Paulo Henrique Serrano

    Great framework, those UI elements may be very useful. =]

  • Richard Bullock

    Responsive design for all platforms, not to mention the templates, would provide a boon to the services I provide my clients. My own websites are in dire need of makeovers. Waiting impatiently for my “You are a Winner!” e-mail. Let’s do this!

  • Gerold

    I really like the dynamic and fluid slider.

  • rebotak

    love the set of UI elements, highly varied and adorable~ :3

  • Arun Ravilla

    Fluid Grid system is very useful for web designers

  • Joanna Bonner

    I love the look of the photogallery. I can see using this whole package on several different projects I’m working on.

  • Rithyvanna Sao

    I like that it’s a fluid grid system because there are so many devices out there now, it’s hard to keep your design looking nice on all platforms.

  • Gary Hicks

    Interesting framework, would love to give it a spin !

  • Robert

    Like the UI Elements and the styling of the nav-elements. Love it!

  • stacigh

    Oh Snap!! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I recently took a project and tried to build it with a similar framework but it ended up being so rickety that I swapped the grids for the 960 grid system. Total drag! If I won, I’d start building all of my sites with this framework. I love that the slideshows are baked in so there’s very little work required to make them go. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent searching for the perfect slideshow to find out that it doesn’t do something that I want it to do.


    Already a win in my book for that free Grid Editor by just punching in what you want! On top of that, the UI elements look really sharp with CSS Styles. Low bandwidth hog and beautiful? Awesomesauce.

  • Guy Deschenes

    Very good design tools.

  • Ergün

    like the availability of responsive ui elements and javascript components. very nice alternative to bootstrap.

  • ty

    I love the fact that they have thought of everything to get this looking really clean and simple. So many UI elements in one place – this would be totally worth the price, however i’d much rather win a copy and then brag about how awesome it is and convince others to buy it instead.

  • Bruce Chapman

    CSS grid system and online grid editor is a great approach. Not many systems that can produce good sliders for both post and header. Look forward to trying it out

  • Bryce

    For me, the online grid editor ( is really cool. It can be a pain to mentally visualize a grid, so this could be super helpful.

  • jonathlee

    A wholesome complete package, more than what you need features.

  • eeeld

    Looks like an awesome framework with useful components! seems fun to use for some web projects in the future.

  • Markus Anttila

    Love the simplicity and the overall feel. Count me in!

  • Paul Lawrence

    I regularly use responsive frameworks for development. Jumpeye definitely offers one the best looking UI sets there is–from the drop down menus to the custom forms and the beautiful photo gallery. Most of all, I appreciate the nicely organized and easy to reference documentation and the ability to easily create custom grids using the online tool.

  • kalle

    Nice framework, I like the amazing responsive UI elements!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • sourav

    Nice post… Loved it…

  • Lynn_Nichols

    Jumpeye Framework appears to be a very versatile framework for building great websites. Because I have more of a designer bent, I particularly like the broad range of premium UI elements, e.g. buttons, drop down menus, panels, tabs, tool-tips, alerts, forms, tables and excellent typography.

  • Max


  • Max

    Cool!!! all the UI elements are great

  • Carlos

    Jumpeye offers the best eye-candy UI sets, plus with useful components, and of course is responsive, I’ve experimented a little with it and just love it!

  • Mohamed Khalil

    I love the carousel

  • AndreiJosan

    Honestly, I haven’t heard of this before,but I can say I am deeply impressed. The multitude of clean, simple UI elements, easy-to-use shortcodes and professional coding make it a simply awesome resource.

  • Kinder

    This framework is neat ! I like the responsive elements and the facts that it’s fully customizable. I’m trying the free version to test it. Sounds like a must have.

  • farazq11

    In my chaotic life stability in anything is always a God send. The responsiveness and interactive UI elements would not only help me in my designs but could also teach me some life lessons (especially in regards to my wife where responsiveness and interactivity are a common complaint). Thanks!

  • James Arctic Freund

    I have tried a few different responsive frameworks (like foundation). The clean UI of this framework is really intriguing and I would love to use this in my next site build!

  • Ana

    The best part about it is the responsive – and customizable – UI elements.

  • Sean Meyer

    Personally I like pretty much all of the framework but I especially like the image slider and the templates. I’m definitely more of a developer than a designer and as such I’m always looking for well designed components that I can use when I do freelance work.

  • Daniel Lucas

    The UI and the responsiveness is the best of the Jumpeye framework. For me as I’m not a design expert this templates help much and optimize my job.

  • Dane Collins

    Best part is the responsive javascript components.

  • justti

    I like that it has grid and lots of stylish UI elements. It would be great to win!

  • de_Barela

    I particularly like the Jumpeye fluid grid system which allows 12 or 16 columns or have your own number of columns, while providing full cross-browser support.

  • Arturo Montero

    I love the jQuery slider and the easy of customizations

  • Matthew Beasley

    One thing people may not notice right away is how fast the images and pages transition. This is certainly one important element when looking for a frame work. Also responsive is very smooth. The sliders are very nice with big buttons for touch devices but I would like to see the user be able to slide through them with their finger. Over all nice platform!

  • ebogdan – web design

    Looks complete. Would be a good seller to point out some key features that would convince me (and others :) to choose JF over Bootstrap/Foundation. Would love to give it a run :)

  • Mary Makowsky

    Love the inclusion of the UI elements. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Ne fark eder ki!

    I have never ever won any giveaway

  • Prabhash Sinngh

    The features i liked in this framework are “fluid grid” and the responsiveness they offering. I hope they have some feature for minimalizing or soon add the minimalization at framework level apart from the manual procedures.