Free download: CORP responsive WordPress theme

Everyone loves a good WordPress theme. Whether you use it straight out of the box, or as a starting point for your own design, themes are a great way of achieving results quickly and on a budget.

And of course, it’s even easier to stick to a budget when the theme in question is free!

We’re delighted to be able to bring you CORP, a clean and versatile theme that’s absolutely packed with features. It was designed by GT3 Themes

The simple grid layout provides an ideal frame to hang your content on, it’s ideal for corporations that need an online presence in a hurry, or as a starting point for any business whose brand image projects organization.

The theme was tested up to WordPress 3.6.1; it features the drag and drop GT3 Page Builder; it’s fully responsive and retina ready; it’s coded with SEO and best practices in mind; Google webfonts are supported; different header layouts are available; custom menus, backgrounds, modules, shortcodes and widgets are all included; there’s a premium slider plugin; complete documentation; and much, much more…

It’s free for personal and commercial purposes. See the demo and download the theme below to check out the full feature set.


Please enter your email address below and click the download button. The download link will be sent to you by email, or if you have already subscribed, the download will begin immediately.

  • pixellingo

    Really nice. Thanks!

  • Pixelystic

    Nice theme.. Thank you very much!

  • chrisblakejones

    Nice WordPress theme.

  • gt3themes

    Please note that it was adapted to the most popular screen resolutions, Ipad, iphone…

    • Christina Lannen

      The menu completely disappears on my iPhone. It’s fine on my iPad (both orientations).

    • Christina Lannen

      Here’s the demo I setup and you can clearly see that the menu disappears.

      • gt3themes

        It happens because you did not set up the twitter details in the theme admin panel. There is a twitter widget in the footer which affects the scripts work, you have to either set it up properly or remove it from the footer.

      • Christina Lannen

        Thanks and it’s working now, but not all businesses have Twitter accounts or have someone manage their social media.

      • gt3themes

        For those who do not have Twitter accounts, simply remove that widget from menu ;)

      • cristian

        i tried the same but still doesn’t work

      • Sandy W.

        I’m also having this problem. My menu disappears on my mobile phone…even when removing the whole twitter widget. Help!

  • ymfidds

    Mmm, downloaded OK but an error message when installing: –

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet

    Any ideas?


    • gt3themes

      Do not upload the entire zip file, only theme folder ;)

    • Walter Apai

      Inside the main zip file you’ll see another zip file inside the “WordPress_theme” folder. This is the zip file containing the actual theme, which should be installed into WordPress.

      • ymfidds

        OK, I was trying the complete zip file!

        Will try the zip file from the “WordPress_theme” directory…

        Thanks for the prompt response.

  • Kimi

    Please help, I;ve been trying to download this perfect theme for 3 hours and I havent had any sleep yet. Why is the file alot bigger than normal ones we upload to Word Press? I would be happy to pay for this, I have a deadline and need to complete within 24 hours – help please. Can not upload via ftp, nor Word Press, thanks :-)

    • Walter Apai

      Inside the main zip file you’ll see another zip file inside the “WordPress_theme” folder which is 7.7MB. This is the zip file containing the actual theme, which should be installed into WordPress.

      • Kimi

        Thank you so much for your reply, but how do I upload this through ftp? I cant figure this out :(

      • Kimi

        Got it going, yay, thanks so much :)

      • gt3themes

        Do not forget to read the documentation ;)

  • Anthony Grandy

    There’s no download link, just pay with tweet link. A little… where is the download link?

    • Walter Apai

      If you have already subscribed to our newsletter, the way to download this to pay with a tweet. Just click on the “Pay with Tweet” button and follow the instructions to post your tweet and your download will begin instantly.

  • Greshma Hegde

    Pay with Tweet..!thanq

  • gt3themes

    Really strange, just put my email and got the link. Spam or bulk folders?

  • Sanjeev Sapkota

    Sorry for sounding stupid but I seem to have problem with javascript. I uploaded the website, imported the sample data, and can’t seem to get the animations on the site going. Here’s the link to the site. What do you think is the problem ?

    • Alex

      Please tell us how did u manage to resolve the javascript problems. I tried installing on a domain but it’s reallllly slow. I have WordPress 3.8.1 installed.
      Thank You

  • Sanjeev Sapkota

    Ok, the Javascript issue seemed to be twitter being blocked in China, as I am in China at the moment and that wasn’t allowing the other js to load. The contact and portfolion page seems to be working, But the homepage and few other pages are still crippled.

    • gt3themes

      Just checked your site, do not see the problems…

      • Sanjeev Sapkota

        Yeah It was my bad. I thought the slider would automatically work, but it doesn’t. I think I saw it somewhere here that it needs to be purchased first. If I have to pay for a slider then I might prefer Revolution slider, though.

        Then use the html or content module to add it in the homepage.

  • Walter Stöhr

    an you tell me how can i configure the theme like this Screenshot ( ?

    • gt3themes

      I think you have to read the documentation that comes within the pack. You will find all the info right there ;)

      • Walter Stöhr

        This is “boxed Style” right? But it doesnt work by me … only “Full Screen”

      • gt3themes

        Right, please read the documentation, it is mentioned on how to set up boxed layout.

      • JaWaReZ

        I also try to configure theme like this screenshot, but it works same with “clean” layout

  • ramonjosegn

    You have gt3themes permission for shared? thanks

    • gt3themes

      Please be more specific. What do you mean?

  • Benjie

    Thanks, but to be clear I didn’t design this theme, it was designed and provided by gt3themes ( I’m sure they’ll be happy to answer your questions.

  • gt3themes

    They can work but I do not guarantee that they will be compatible with the theme and there won’t be any conflict. The layerslider is the most powerful slider plugins at the moment.

  • Henzo

    Me too – the links seem to be about 10px below the menu items. So hovering over / clicking on the menu items, nothing happens, but if you hover your mouse about 10px below, the rollover effect kicks in. Happens in IE9 and Chrome. Also – how do you change the cloud image in the background of the title block? I just tried to do it via the ‘custom css’ field of the admin area but nothing happens? I’d recommend adding this option to the admin for your next update. Nice work btw!

  • gt3themes

    Set up or remove twitter from widget area and it will work ;)

  • pingo duve

    I need a comment box in my portfolio posts. How possible is that and how can I go about it…I’m a non-coder please. Thank you.

  • JaWaReZ

    I set background image, color and boxed layout for page and get this
    If I set boxed layout, background image and colors at theme options (but leave default page settings), page looks like
    what I’m doing wrong?

  • gt3themes

    Please put all your twitter details in the theme admin panel. That’s all. I would recommend you to read the documentation that comes with the theme.

  • JaWaReZ page with boxed layout (page options) boxed layout (theme options)

  • gt3themes

    Nice to see that everything is OK ;) Btw, do not forget to follow me on twitter and facebook to get updates on the freebies and other premium products.

  • JaWaReZ

    I did it, but pages looks same

  • gt3themes

    It is possible to do but only as a custom solution, for additional fees.

  • Sally Keter

    Love love the theme, its working great but for some reason I cannot put a video format, I have gone through the documentation but cannot see any mention of it, help?

    • gt3themes

      Please note that it is not compatible with 3.6 yet. It is 3.5.2 compatible.

      • Sally Keter

        thank you so much, it worked however i am having a slight issue. on the home page the slider is leaving some space btwn the menu and it and all the accordion toggles are constantly open without the option to minimize though I have set them up correctly. Also the portfolio page isn’t showing anything, I have tried importing back the sample data but it does the same even for the sample data here is the live site Thank you I’ll appreciate any help.

      • Sally Keter

        Solved my last issue, deleted the twitter handle and its ok now :) thank you for the wonderful theme and support

      • gt3themes

        Do not forget to check my other premium works at

      • khaja Shaik

        Hello Sally Keter,

        Please let me know how do you deleted the twitter.

        Thanks in Advance.

      • Sally Keter

        In the general tab in the corp theme options there is a Latest Tweet line input box Just below the google analytics input box, I deleted everything in that box.

      • Davochs

        Hi Sally,

        How did you fixed the first 2 problems you posted (Space between menu-slider and the accordion problem. Having that same issue.


  • Ice Arrojado Basit

    I’ve a question:

    So I’ve created a post, and I’m trying to test the “Featured Posts” module on the homepage. But both at the bottom of the post and the homepage, I get this message:

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strlen() in /home/hvsoccnm/public_html/wp-content/themes/corp/functions.php on line 337″

    Sorry, I’m no developer, I can only read html to a certain extent and at this point, my nose has started bleeding. Help, please?

    • gt3themes

      Do you have a post created on your end?
      What version of WP do you use?

      • Ice Arrojado Basit

        3.5, and yes, I’ve made one post so far.
        Do I need to create at least 5 posts for them to feed into the “Featured Posts”?

        Also, I’ve created a new sidebar from the CORP settings panel. How do I edit the sidebar and add it to my blog page?

        Thank you so much!

  • gt3themes

    I think you installed the latest wp version, please note that the current theme version is not compatible with wp 3.6

  • Jefferado

    Great looking theme – will this work with the new WordPress 3.6 release? If not, any plans to upgrade it to support 3.6?

    • gt3themes

      Yes, it will be updated soon. You can follow me on facebook or twitter to get an update.

      • photoMaldives

        Hi GT3 – has the theme been updated to work with WP3.6 yet ? And is/will this updated version be available for free ?

      • photoMaldives

        Hi gt3 – has the Corp theme been updated to work with WP3.6 yet ? And if/when it is, will it also be available for free download ?

  • pingo duve

    how much?

    • gt3themes

      Please send this request to help at gt3themes dot com

  • gt3themes

    Thanks ;)

  • Carlos Farias

    Awesome Theme, but i’ve just installed it and won’t save the builder or setup on home page i’ve created, any clue?

    • gt3themes

      Need to check it online, you can send your wp-admin details to my email which is help at themedev dot me and I will take a look.

      • Carlos Farias

        Thanks for your answer, but then i figured out that i was using WP 3.6 as i was using a clean install i’ve gave it a try with 3.5.1 and it worked perfect, so thanks again for your awesomness!

  • Miguel

    Hi, Really nice Thanks a lot.
    I’ve got a problem. The acordion, the tabs, and other effects doesn’t work. For example, acordion is allways expanded, tabs are allways close, even if I set them expanded yes.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks again.

    • gt3themes

      Hello! Please make sure you set the twitter properly in your theme admin panel. What is the link to your site?

  • Syndefallet

    Great theme!
    How do I edit the theme-css ? It is not available in the theme-editor..
    I wonder how I can change the color of the promo-buttons :)

  • Jeremy

    Great theme and Thanks! I am using header type 4 and there is a search box on the header. Is there a way for me to take it out somehow? I cannot remove it from the widgets settings.

  • ZWilliam

    Importing demo content fails?
    Trying it on WP 3.5.2 and have tried it on two separate web serves but each time I’m getting a 500 Internal Server Error. Any ideas? Are you able to provide a DL/FTP for a WP base with Corp and demo content already imported?

    • gt3themes

      It works properly, tested right now. I guess you should contact your hosting provider.

  • Devin

    How do I use a image slider that isnt the one they want me to purchase. I already have one I purchased “rev slider” from theme punch and it wont work.

    • gt3themes

      It does support only Layerslider

  • Web Wild Web

    hey guys,

    thanks for this theme it is very nice. i have 2 problem one with the featured post and one with the team. both the pictures didn’t appear in the home page why????

    • gt3themes

      Hello! Any link to your site?

      • Web Wild Web

        The Problem is the featured picture should be 270×170 if other dimension it didn’t appear

  • Simon

    very nice

  • Simon

    On ‘Page Builder’ section, can I add ‘New Module’ to create a custom module? Thanks.

    • gt3themes

      You can’t add custom modules.

  • Juan

    Nope, seeing the same here :(

  • Mike

    Well, congratulation and good luck if you haven’t misspelled since birth.

    • Jehp Dragon


    • smiley

      Totally Agree

      • Jizzz0

        Agree more…

  • Peter

    Beautiful template but i’m looking for dummy data. Where can I find this?
    i was hoping the theme looked exactly like the screenshots above so i only need to change the content. Am I doing something wrong?

    Best regards,

    • gt3themes

      Peter! Please read the documentation first.

      • Peter

        of course ;)

  • Andrew

    Are the images included and can be used for website too?

    • gt3themes

      The theme pack does not include the images.

  • Peter

    Where can I find the demo content?

  • Peter

    I love the template but I have a problem with the diagram functionality. It wont start automatically. Only when I “inspect elements” (in Chrome) the bars are appearing. I use local XAMPP.
    What happened?

    • gt3themes

      It looks like you have a twitter widget on the page, please remove it.

  • darshana

    I need to change main menu text color. how can i do?

    • gt3themes

      You can do that in the css

  • gt3themes

    Did you read the documentation on how to import the demo content?

  • Peter again

    How do i get the flickr photostream? I cannot find it in de plugins and I have read the documentation this time :)

    • Peter

      It only shows the title in the footer while i use my flickrid

      • gt3themes

        It is in the widgets section of the wordpress.

  • Rodolphe

    Hi. Sorry for my english. I have problem with javascript for my website. (ex. : .When you are at the bottom of the page and you click on the arrow, the site does not go back. And, For example, the team, there is not the small arrows to navigate between the members of my team. Same problem with the posts.

  • Colorwings

    Thanks Ben, for your discussion about the “WordPress”. I made a website named “colorwings”, the url is I want to convert this to responsive. Can you help me?

  • Sherlock

    Hello G3 Team, Feeling sorry to report this. But the main feature of the theme is not woring at all even with the WP 3.5.2 version. Features which I noticed are not working, Carousel for all like featured post, our partners etc, Accordions, Bottom Top button, Diagram ETC , Kindly take a look into it, I noticed I am not te first to report this issue/

    • gt3themes

      Please put the link to your site, and make sure you do not have a twitter widget on the page.

  • gt3themes

    This wp theme is child theme ready, so you can use your own custom css ;)

  • gt3themes

    1. Yes, that’s correct, it does not save the pages that you’ve created.
    2. Please put the link to your site, we will take a look.

  • fitsy

    I cannot get the carousel feature that i see in the demo to work, the navigational arrows are missing from my install, how do i get this to work.

  • Peter

    After hours of research and trying: I had to clear de “lates tweet line” in the template configuration. It takes a lot of time making a website to work in this way ;)

  • Sherlock

    hey g3themes the theme builder of corp is awesome. Can we use it on someother themese like only install the page builder part

    • gt3themes

      No, you can’t use it separately, only within the theme.

      • Rayne de Jongh

        Is the page builder your design/development? you should consider making it available for purchase on codecanyon as it really IS awesome.

  • Shelock

    Just remove the twitter widget from the footer and site will work awesomely fine…

    • khaja Shaik

      Hello Shelock,

      Please let me know how to remove the twitter widget from the footer.

      Thanks in Advance.

  • Ivan H.

    This theme looks awesome! Great job to the GT3 Themes team! According to your Twitter post on August 8th, “WordPress has been updated to 3.6 All wp themes will be updated within a week.” Has this CORP theme been updated? If yes, is the WP 3.6 version available through the download link in the article?

    • gt3themes

      Yes, it is updated.

  • Angel Lopez

    Hello Mad_Dog , first excellent theme. I having just a little issue with send mail with the module FeedBack Form , how can i get this work??

    • gt3themes

      It works properly, try to put gmail email, it will work. I use the standard senmail function.

      • Dinesh

        I am using wordpress 3.7.1 and feedback form not sending any mail, any idea for it?

  • Suneet Agarwal

    This is what Im looking at

    Import WordPress

    Sorry, there has been an error.
    This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number

    What am I doing wrong?

    • gt3themes

      There can be an issue on the server end, it can’t download and put the files to the wordpress folder.

  • Jats

    Hi I tried to install the theme and Import sample data. but the data is not importing the progress bar is keep on going…. I have 3.6.1 version of wordpress, Is the theme supported.

    • gt3themes

      Hi there!
      Yes, it is compatible with 3.6.1 There can be some restrictions on your server, for example images can’t be downloaded from external site to your wp folder.

  • Marcelo Vasconcelos Araújo

    resolved: i changed the file ‘misc.php’, inside core / registrator / misc. php.

    replace the first lines to this:

    if (function_exists(‘add_theme_support’)) {
    add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails’, array(‘post’, ‘page’, ‘port’, ‘team’, ‘testimonials’, ‘partners’));
    add_theme_support(‘post-formats’, array( ‘gallery’, ‘link’, ‘audio’, ‘chat’, ‘status’, ‘quote’, ‘aside’, ‘image’, ‘video’ ));
    add_theme_support(‘structured-post-formats’, array( ‘image’, ‘video’ ));

  • Jefferson Faria

    hi would like to congratulate the creator of this template found it very well done, but I have a problem as I am newbie do not know if I did something erra.Meu problem is that the installation of the theme and Sample Data Import is bunscando can not find the file because the tutorial says it takes up to 5 minutes left for 50 minutes and not loaded what can I do? you guys have some help!

    • gt3themes

      I’ve just replied to the same question that Jats asked.

  • Togethernet

    Hi can anyone help? My menu has stopped responding. I have already tried taking ot the Twitter feed.

    • gt3themes

      Any link to your site?

      • Togethernet

        I fixed it by fiddling about with the CSS in themes.css, but unfortunately I can’t put these amends in the Custom CSS box, it doesn’t seem to make any difference there. So the changes will be over-ridden on updating. It was an issue related to the logo size and for some reason then the menu only works by hovering the mouse well below the actual menu item.
        Sorry can’t post a link to this site yet on a public forum as it is under development.

  • gt3themes

    Hello! What configuration do you mean?

    • Intermedio

      Fixed! i erased the latest tweet line from “General”. Thank u.

  • Mohammad Ali Taheri

    Hi, this part (button for back and forward) don’t show in my website.
    see the picture:

    • gt3themes

      I think you have a twitter widget issue, please check comments above.

  • Ice Arrojado Basit

    What do I do when the page builder suddenly stops working, as in my case?
    I installed a couple of plugins:

    Shortcodes Ultimate
    and JS Shadowbox

    And then I tried editing a page but whenever I click on the pagebuilder modules, they wouldn’t load. So I uninstalled these plugins, but to no avail, I still can’t edit my pages. Please help, I’m quite desperate!

    • gt3themes

      There can be a conflict with the 3rd party plugins.

  • Mich

    Is there a way i can modify the Clean style to have a background image as in the Full Width style?

  • 尾形 冬都

    Hello, I’ve been having trouble saving the setting.

    After I change something from Corp Menu on the left side, It won’t save the setting and just whites out…

    Why does this happen?
    I can’t change any setting ><

    • gt3themes

      There can be a conflict with the 3rd party plugin, do you have ones?

  • cris

    Hi. I downloaded the theme but I have a few major problems. Although I downloaded the demo data using the admin panel, the partners does not display correctly (it is to big for the screen and I can’t see the end and also there are no cursors that let me navigate). Second big problem: the toggle and the accordion don’t work if i click on them. Third problem: on the bottom is a “back to top” button-not working. Fourth problem: message boxes are not closing when I’m clicking on the “X” sign.
    It seems to be a problem with javascript.
    I tried out on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. also tried on two different computers on localhost. Also i uploaded it on my webserver. These problems are the same everywhere.
    Is it really a problem with Javscript, a missing file? are there more versions available for this template. I downloaded the theme from:

    • Benny

      I have the exact same problems, did you found a solution yet?

      • cris

        no…and I’m moved to another template….It’s sad because it seemed very promising

      • gt3themes

        There is an issue with the twitter widget, you did not configure it.

      • cris

        what twitter widget? i don’t want to use a twitter widget. I just want the theme. That’s all. I don’t know what a twitter widget is and how to install something like that.I know it’s a free theme but if you want people to use it, you should try to make it easier to live with.

      • Rodney Carbguif

        Listen, there is a Twitter widget that you have to activate , the widget complete,not just you twitter account, you have to go to twitter website and ask for you scret key and other private things

  • awalsadja

    Hi @gt3themes:disqus, thank you for this awesome template.
    I have a little problem here, how to set a text under featured Post widget image? I tried to put a title, alt, caption, description on the featured image but still nothing change.
    I have checked the documentation but still have no clue. Is there anyone experiencing the same problem? Please help.

    • gt3themes

      That’ the excerp text.

  • Benny

    Thank you for this great theme!

    I have a problem with the pricing tables, it seems that he doesn’t display the text I’m writing. Sometime when I copy & paste the texts, it works, but sometimes no writing is shown. I don’t understand what it is, I’m doing wrong. Can you help me?

    • gt3themes

      Do you have any cache plugin installed?

  • Juan Mejia

    good theme

    • gt3themes

      Thanks :)

  • gt3themes

    You have to install the layerslider plugin and add it via slider module on the page.

  • Togethernet

    Hi – my client is pleased with his Corp-powered site – but tried out the search facility and hardly anything we tried to search for came up. Any clue as to why this should be?

    • awalsadja

      I just curious and test the search form on my site.
      And yes, it is doesn’t show search result from posts. Only pages.

  • Togethernet

    Could you have a try yourself and see if on your demo site the search works fine?

  • Erwin

    Hello, How can i change the space between the different items of the pagebuilders? EG your planepicture is tight to the menu structure. When 1 make the slides there is a gab and i can not find it in your tutorial. Thanks

  • Erwin

    Sorry for my English

    But i have some problems:
    1. The layer slider has some margins from the top.. I want the slider under the menu like the demo.

    I can not find where 2 do that trick please help.

    • Sam

      I have the same issue of Erwin and i don’t know where it can be solved.

  • David

    i get to 12% installation and i get redirected to a page error in the process… i have wp v 3.7 is this compatible?

  • Vinicio Ramos

    Here I have installed an optin form from but it don´t show, only in this them if I activate other them I can see, I have deactivated all plugins installed but is not showing.
    Maybe do you know what could be the problem…?

  • Sebastian

    Hey guys, i really think this the best free premium theme i’ve ever seen…

    One question, there is any problem with the slide? When i upload the theme to my wordpress clean installation i cant see the Slider option.

    Can you help me with this?

    • gt3themes

      Hi there! Please read the documentation first, the slider is paid one.

  • Natalie

    Hi! I don’t seem to be able to find a download link? =(

    • Benjie — WebdesignerDepot

      It’s underneath the preview. Either enter your email address and click ‘download’ or pay with a tweet.

  • kkr

    I am having some issues with header, I am using word press version 3.6.1, I am attaching a screenshot.

    I have tried two different hosting accounts, tried vps and also tried localhost, But still I am facing this error.
    There is a gap between menu/haeder and slider and menu is not sticky.

    • gt3themes

      Can you please post the link to your site, we will check it.

  • kushal ahuja

    I am facing following issues with this theme:-

    1) There is margin/gap between menu and slider.

    2)Menu is not sticky.

    3) Tabs/accordion/toggle doesn’t seems to work.

    I have tested this theme on following:-

    1) 2 different hosting accounts from separate providers.


    3) ampps/wamp/local host

    4) wordpres version:-

    i) 3.6.1

    still I am facing this issues.

    any clues what I am doing wrong.
    I have installed no third party widgets,now twitter widgets, and tried clean wp reinstall also.

  • Mohammad Ali Taheri

    Please see my site.
    my posts page have problem

  • Mohammad Ali Taheri

    see my site:
    in post page I have a problem

  • Mohammad Ali Taheri

    How can i turn off related post

    • gt3themes

      The site is not loading.

      • Mohammad Ali Taheri

        Hi, yes my site have problem, and my problem resolved.
        But now I have another problem. How can I create this;
        see the picture:

  • Ariel

    Hello! It’s greate! Thanks! how can i do to remove slug “portfolio”?

    Thanks for the template and for your help.

  • Neil Marion Dela Cruz

    Hi, could you help me determine why there’s a gap bet the header and the slider? Thanks

  • Peter

    Hi, Great template! I use a map in google to show my home-address. However the new googlemaps doesn’t support the “link” function so I can only use a non-commercial map. Will there be a update for the googlemaps option in the pagebuilder?
    Al the right the map I want to use without the non commercial warning, at the bottom the map i only can use.

    Beste regards, Peter

  • Maciej

    I downloaded a free version of Corp wordpress theme. According with theme documentation, I need the plugin called “Layerslider WP”. I found this plugin on Codecanyon.

    Which of them I have to buy? LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin or LayerSlider Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Sharad Gangwar

    I am facing issue while installing CORP theme on WP.
    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet

  • Nigel

    I tried to install this theme, but it said the following: The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

  • Allen

    Hi, I have a problem (of course – sorry :-( ) I make changes to pages but a lot doesn’t get saved – just reverts to the previous settings. I have WP 3.7.1 – does the theme work OK with this update as several other things don’t seem to function

  • Linus Lyimo

    how do i get this theme to my wordpress account?

    • islandgirl23

      If you’re referring to you can’t. If it’s a self hosted site then ftp it over, or properly unzip the zip file. The theme itself is in a separate zip.

  • Marco


    I’m using your great theme but I’m having trouble hiding the contents of the site with Paid Membership Pro Plugin.
    I cannot hide content. I think the problem is related to ‘build page’, in fact with default theme of wordpress it all works

    Do you have any idea about this? This behavior is very strange!

  • khaja Shaik

    Please publish my post and let me know how to solve the issues.
    Thank You,

  • khaja Shaik

    I don’t know why my post not published here :(

  • khaja Shaik

    I installed the corp theme and layerslider plugin followed by provided document on my domain

    I’ve 4 issues following,

    1) Below the slider I’m not getting the background image.

    2) Beside the video for “Accordion” expand & minimize not working

    3) For Featured Posts & Our Partners end of the line ” ” previous & next not showing.

    4) In the footer Scroll Up button not working.

    Please please please …………………… help me with these issues.

    • khaja Shaik

      @gt3themes:disqus Please help me

  • khaja Shaik


  • khaja Shaik

    2 ) image

  • khaja Shaik


  • khaja Shaik


  • khaja Shaik

    Sorry for publishing images individually. I tried to publish them all in one comment. But the moderator not published my comment with all images. Hop you understand.

  • Media4


    I got the Theme installed and works perfectly, only the thing is that it has problem with the accordion, it was not working well, I already did what the comments above, on twitter stuff and everything but seems still not working on my end, please help.

  • klamb

    When I changed the Site URL to a new domain (so that the server URL was replaced by a domain more relevant to the site), there were several issues that cropped up. Icons went astray, the Twitter feeds disappeared, and a contact form we used was no longer functional.

    The issues weren’t consistent on different browsers (aside from the Twitter problem), so guessing it was a theme issue. I’d like to solve the problem with Twitter, as when I switch between domains, I can see the Twitter return when I’m on the server domain.

    You can see this here:
    and here

    I can work through the theme issues, but the Twitter feed is a bit of a pain.

    I wouldn’t mind paying a fee to access support for this Theme, as it’s quite good in other respects.

  • klamb

    Oh, and it’s a pain to scroll down on this forum … would be excellent if the latest post was at the top!

    That’s more for the moderator than a comment for this thread. Irony for a webdesign site… but that’s the curse of having a popular thread ;-)

  • Steflp Ⓦ

    Can someone tell me how to make a static page with only post of one category ( category-$id.php)
    I mahe a file with category-8.php ( to see only Id 8 post) but nothing appears when I do this ..

    Can someone help me ?

    [RESOLVED !] : in Page builder i put module “BLOG” and after i have the choice of the category !

    Excuse me ..

  • Rayne de Jongh

    Hi there…I’ve just downloaded this theme…absolutely fantastic! Only thing is I don’t seem to have options for the landing page? Is there something I’m missing?

  • Johnny

    Hi, where i can download it?
    I have try from this page, but not work.

  • Akowien Joshua

    I couldnt find the sample data in the download, please can u help me with it. Thanks and God bless

  • islandgirl23

    Any idea on how to make the built-in WP media player work with this theme? Right now it only displays Video and YouTube videos.

  • Ivan Carlo Villareal-Arrojado

    Hi, it’s me again.

    I reviewed the theme’s terms of use, and just have a quick question:

    Say I need to add a few custom static items to the top header/navigation bar, like social media icons and call-to-action buttons, for example, which will require me to make a few hard insertions into the theme’s code, will that be a violation of the terms?

    Please enlighten me. Thanks!

  • André Girotto

    how to configure the menus?

  • Kumarpal

    There is no slider and contact form in my WordPress. And there are only 2 plugins only.
    So do i need to add these manually?

  • Atom

    Hi, I can’t get the accordion to work, it’s all expanded. also I can’t get the arrow to show more partners, can you help please? thanks

  • Juve

    disable ‘show page title’ when editing the page. that should help

  • Paul

    Is this theme compatible with the current version of wordpresss 3.8.1.

  • Atom

    The slider has too much space from the menu, how to adjust? Thanks

  • Alex

    Please tell us how did u manage to resolve the javascript problems. I tried installing on a domain but it’s reallllly slow. I have WordPress 3.8.1 installed.
    Thank You

  • sevak

    sticky header not working

  • Reesa Marchetti

    What have I done wrong? The menu bar is not displaying across the top. Help, please, Iike the theme.

  • Paolo M

    This theme is great, and also Maverick’s one!
    With this one I have 2 problems:

    1- the diagram (chart) does not make the animation the second time i load the webpage (each row remains at 0%)
    2- The portfolio page remains empty even if there are two sheets in “Portfolio” section (with “content” object in the page builder)

    I followed the documentation, but maybe there was an error during the install process (via ftp).

    What do you think about that?

    If you have time, the site is:

    And the first “portfolio sheet” (that should appear in “Pubblicazioni” page) is:

  • Esther

    Hello, very nice theme! I’m working with it on a new web and I have a question: it’s possible to show team members below each other, insted of having to use arrows, on smartphones and tablets screens? For the moment they have only three members, and it would be better to see them in the same page, only downloading web. Which css styles I have to modify?
    Thank you very much!

  • Marcelo Vasconcelos Araújo

    hi, anyone getting this error?
    the posts is breaking. instead stays in 3 colunms, now its breaking in 2 colunms.
    its begin after update to WP 3.8.1
    this occurs in blog posts, with page composer, and in related posts too.
    i already deactivate all plugins and fix the twitter, and remains.
    tks. mva

  • Phani

    this version Compatible to wordpress v3.9 or not

  • gt3themes

    You definitely did something wrong. I would recommend you to read the documentation once again.

  • Tania

    Thank you for the great theme. Could you please help how to change the Copyright line?
    I fount it in options.php & footer.php file but it should be some easy way, right?

  • Carlos

    The template is awesome, but the toggle doesn´t works!! I don´t know why! Does anybody have the same problem? Do You kow how to solve it?

  • Thomas Bigcommerce

    This free corp theme does not work in wordpress 4.0 version. the script and accordion does not work

  • Thomas Bigcommerce

    The demo site also used with WordPress v 3.5.2 only
    please upgrade to wp to latest version

  • Thomas Bigcommerce

    This theme does not work with wordpress v 4.0

  • Thomas Bigcommerce

    Hi Carbs, the demo and theme compatible only with v 3.5.2 so do not use latest wordpress version for this theme.

  • Carsten

    Hi everyone, it seems my obviously Sticky Header, is not all that Sticky. It totally disappears when scrolling. Any thoughts ?

    Cheers from Denmark

  • tanvanqn

    testimonial slider and partners not working, site: thanks!