Free download: Flat but not flat rounded social icons

Flat design is all the rage, and trend-conscious clients are beginning to ask for redesigns to meet the current fad for all things flat.

Most commentators agree that ultimately, flat design will soften into something flatter than skeuomorphism, but less extreme than that which the current crop of flat-evangelists propose. One of the simplest ways to revamp the look of a site, without a full redesign, is to change the icons you’re using.

So we’re delighted to be able to bring you this set of free almost-flat social icons designed by Sylvain Guizard of Designed to embrace flat design without surrendering to it completely, the set is a great way to iron out your current design.

There are 90 different services represented, optimized to 15 different sizes. Each icon has a subtle gradient and border, lifting it off the page, without losing the underlying flat aesthetic.

The services represented are: 500px (2 versions); About Me; Amazon; Apple; Appstore; Baïdu; Basecamp; Bebo; Behance; Bing; Blogger; Buffer (2 versions); Chime In; Delicious; DesignFloat; DeviantART; Digg (2 versions + 2 alternate versions); Dribbble; Drupal; Etsy; Evernote; Facebook (+ Like on FB); Flickr; Forrst; Foursquare; Gdgt; Github; Google+; GrooveShark; Hi-5; Hyves; iCloud (2 versions);; Instagram; Kik; Last FM; Linkedin; Metacafe; Mister Wong; MSN; Myspace (2 versions); Netvibes; Newsvine; Path; PayPal; Photobucket; Picasa; Pinterest; Pixelapse; Qik; Quora; Reddit; Skype; SlashDot; SoundCloud; Spotify; StackOverFlow; Steam; StumbleUpon; Technorati; Tumblr; Twitter; Viadeo; Vimeo; Vine; Weibo; WordPress; Xing; Yahoo; Yelp; Youtube (2 versions); Zerply;  and Zynga. As well as some tools: Heart; Favorite; Mail (2 versions); RSS; and Share (2 versions).

The files are provided as a .png and .psd, with named layers for all vectors in the PSD. The icons are free for personal and commercial use.


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  • Bob

    Adding a dropshadow and ugly gradient. Webdesigndepot is starting to dissapoint me >.<

    • Joe Vains

      There is no dropshadow.

      • Bob

        ^ this guy has never used photoshop/illustrator. They all have a dropshadow.

      • Benjie

        Bob, I don’t see a single drop shadow anywhere. There’s a pseudo-bevel, but that’s all.

      • SylvainGuizard

        I confirm. There are currently no dropshadows. These are vector shapes with a slight gradient. Maybe, you don’t know the difference? I’m a Photoshop/Illustrator user since many years, maybe more than you. I’m curious to see your work and what you offer to others. So, begin to learn before criticizing.

      • Bob

        Im a full-time photoshop designer for past 12 years. The easiest way to make the shadows that are seen here is to simply apply a dropshadow with a 100% spread @ a 90 degree angle. You then apply the effect to every icon at once and modify the color of the shadow as needed. – In this designers case, he duplicated the original layer and just moved it down a little bit, which is just more time consuming but it gave the effect of a dropshadow.

      • SylvainGuizard

        Hi Bob. I’m the designer of this set. I’m graphic-designer since 1993. :) So… I didn’t want to use a simple dropshadow in this case. If you look closely, you will see a gradient too. This is not a shadow, but rather a “slice” (thickness).

  • Chris Thumann

    It astounds me that anyone can find a complaint about getting free things or about said free things. Really, really astounds me.

    Thank you WDD for the icons.

    • renae wood

      what is wrong with all of you?? If you don’t like said “freefies”, then don’t look at them, do not download, and for heavens sake unsubscribe from WDD!!! Otherwise, stop criticizing and being so negative on this blog! Most everyone loves freebies. If certain ones are not for you, then so be it- buy all of yours! Not everything I create is going to be loved by all, and I am sure it is the same for you and all the others here. So as your mother said, “Play nice with others, or go to your room!’

  • FartAtTheMoon

    I agree. People reliant on Bootstrap etc. seem to be having a reaction all of a sudden because they’re tired of using the skeuomorphic default buttons that come with the frameworks. How about designing your own damn buttons? I’m getting so tired of “everything this way” and then a few years later “no! that’s terrible, everything is this way now!” rinse and repeat. Flat design has always been nice, but these trendoids are going to find a way to make it unfashionable soon enough. EDIT: I’m not calling WDD “trendoids.” I guess WDD would be the enablers or something like that.

    • notsoflat


  • starsunflowerstudio

    These are cute! I’m glad that you included ETSY in the mix. Yay. :o)

  • Miracle

    Thanks– these are really nice! :) I just have one question for all of the complainers and supposed to be “professionals”– if that’s the case, why are you downloading another designer’s work for free and finding fault? Design it yourself and quit being a bloody ungrateful wanker. Have a nice day.

  • Simon

    impressive. by the way, the icons are free for personal and commercial use. really? any requirement e.g. any reference/link back to the creator? or some form of acknowledgement?

    • Benjie — WebdesignerDepot

      They’re free for personal and commercial use. Really.

      Of course, if you want to link back here you can, but it’s not required :)

  • Artyom Nikolaev

    Very nice ;)

    • Amon Bennett

      These are fantastic. Great work and thanks for sharing it.

  • Bala Menon

    Thank you so much for sharing it!

  • [di va:n]

    Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing! I almost have a complete set of what I was looking for. I wish there also was IMDB one as well. Any chances of adding that one??

  • Lumix

    Nice and thank for sharing. But you make everything only not VKontakte (ВКонтакте). Nobody is know… Very intersting…