Our favorite tweets of the week: July 8, 2013 – July 14, 2013

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User interfaces made for movies http://depot.ly/mR0It

Anežka makes some beautifully traditional illustrations http://depot.ly/mR2nk

How to Use Visual Hierarchy and Website Layout to Emphasize Your Message http://depot.ly/mR2ia

Eye-candy design studio: PalauGea http://depot.ly/mR27B

“Game of Thrones” characters crash the 80’s fashion http://depot.ly/mR0YK

If Kerouac wrote JavaScript (and Dr Johnson wrote CoffeeScript) http://depot.ly/mR0Do  *A very cool article by @angustweets

Make a guess: these are the 10 typefaces every design studio should own http://depot.ly/mR0xS

The editors of @alistapart have created a Summer Reading Issue full of Responsive, UX, Design & more! http://depot.ly/mQZLz

Let’s laugh http://thecodinglove.com

The Almanac is “Complete” http://depot.ly/mPBk0

Design Dilemma: Negotiating Logo Copyright Issues http://depot.ly/mPBd6

20 Helpful Video WordPress Themes http://depot.ly/mPB8j

Adobe launches ‘Anywhere for Video’ service http://depot.ly/mPybn  via @CreativeBloq

Haunting Black and White Portraits of Homeless People by Lee Jeffries http://depot.ly/mME5T

Beautifully crafted paper artworks and graphic design by Happy Centro http://depot.ly/mMDM6

VideoElephant Wants To Be The iStockphoto Of Pre-Packaged Professional Video Content http://depot.ly/mMEnt

Awesome illustrative object series by Kevin Leung http://depot.ly/mMDBm  via @LLGDfeed

Inspiring Interview with David Pache of Helvetic Brands http://depot.ly/mKo3Q

FYI Monday: Stunning Gig & Movie Posters by Ken Taylor http://depot.ly/mKnYH

20 top freelancing tips – interview by @CraigGrannell via @netmaghttp://depot.ly/mKnDG

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