Transforming the internet in 2013

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the last 15 years; the web has developed at a rate it took print 150 years or more, to match.

What’s exciting is that we’re still going, still exploring, still innovating. As designer’s we’re used to designing brochure sites, but increasingly we’re designing application interfaces. As technology keeps moving, we’ll keep being challenged with more and more UI and UX problems. The job is always evolving, and I for one am excited.

So much of modern design is a response to technological innovation that we were excited when we found this graphic by Fresh Tilled Soil.

They think there are five key trends in technology that are going to make real changes in the way we use the internet over the next few years, and here they are:


What technology trends excite you? What do you wish the web could do? Let us know in the comments.

  • Jack Hughes

    Totally tried the xkcd url from the browser in the last page… didn’t work and the number was a comic irrelevant to the article. :P At least I tried!

  • 1076

    Web workers are wonderful. Once the ability to send objects between them is expanded a bit, they will be even better.
    I could easily see them being a major part of web application development in the next year.

    All of these APIs seem great. Being able to access drives would expand the functionality of a ton of apps (or make it less of a pain to utilize). And the WebRTC stuff seems incredible. I can’t wait to get my hands on that API, myself.

  • Anisha Fonville

    All of these seem awesome! I especially love the Device APIs and the MediaCapture and Streams one. Looking forward to those! Thanks for sharing this graphic, Benjie!

  • John

    Thanks all.