Yahoo! to rebrand after 30 days of change

For the average user there’s little difference between products offered by Yahoo! and by market leader Google. Yahoo!’s position is largely dictated by brand; or rather by Google’s superior brand.

There has long been debate over Yahoo!’s identity. Long before Marissa Mayer moved into the big office, questions were asked about the longevity of Yahoo!’s branding.

Amongst Mayer’s considerable achievements with Google, it’s probably her oversight of the legendarily minimal layout of the Google homepage that convinced Yahoo! to recruit her. It seems that the Yahoo! board has been eyeing a redesign for some time.

Shortly after Mayer’s installation as CEO, Yahoo! tried out a rebrand. In retrospect it appears that Mayer was engaged in some kind of power struggle over whether or not to redesign the company logo because a year later, following a successful redesign of their homepage, Yahoo! have announced that a new visual identity will be launched on the 4th September.

[We] want to preserve the character that is unique to Yahoo! — fun, vibrant, and welcoming — so we’ll be keeping the color purple, our iconic exclamation point and of course the famous yodel. After all some things never go out of style. — Kathy Savitt, Yahoo! CMO.

To celebrate Yahoo! are running with a different logo every day, for 30 days. Their new “Yahoo! 30 days of change” video hints at some of what’s to come.

Kathy Savitt, Yahoo!’s Chief Marketing Officer, has said that the 30 logos are “our way of having some fun while honoring the legacy of our present logo”. And one can’t help but wonder if these 30 logos are rejected designs from the rebrand process — a couple look similar to the beta-redesign from 2012; in which case it’s a fascinating look at how a corporate behemoth perceives itself.


Yahoo!’s homepage featuring the first of 30 logo redesigns.

Reportedly a “modern redesign that’s more reflective of [Yahoo!’s] reimagined design and new experiences” the new logo will be revealed on September 4th. In the meantime you can view all of the temporary logos, a new release every day, on the Yahoo! Tumblr site; or simply head over to for the latest iteration.

Do you think Yahoo! needs to rebrand? What approach do you think the new logo will take? Let us know in the comments.

  • Blyadischa

    Just get rid of that bloody exclamation mark!

  • TestShoot

    I worked (contracted) at Yahoo for the last year. I started right after Marissa did and the morale has shot up immensely. The redesign is ushering in a new era, and hopefully a more focused one with a lot of projects getting attention they deserved.

    • chasen54

      You know, when Marissa jumped to the helm, I was the only person in my group of friends who saw her as a boon not a bust. She disrupted a lazy culture and really shook things up. It was, at the time, to be seen if this was a good thing…but I truly believed it would.

  • Mario rocchi

    I just visited Yahoo (I never do) and Look what I have for Logo

  • FartAtTheMoon

    Didn’t go far enough, imo. “Woohoo” ftw.

  • chasen54

    Not surprised at all to say the least. She did some fantastic things at Google, even with the naysayers. Her work ethic alone is commendable.

  • htmlcut

    hope this will help them

  • KCDude69

    This just seems like a halfhearted attempt to imitate Google’s “Doodles,” but without the unique and entertaining little video clips, games, music, etc. found in said Doodles. Changing typefaces every day isn’t “YA-HOO!” It’s more like [twirls finger] woo…hoo. No exclamation point there! Nothing to yodel home about; still, I do use Yahoo! email, and the news bits are easy to browse through. Not saying I hate Yahoo, just that this isn’t terribly exciting or likely to bring in tons of new business. Meh…


    Oh brother, seriously? They think they are changing for the better, when it’s worse!
    The new Yahoo! Mail that they forced us to change to, is just plain HORRIBLE!! They should let us choose if we want old or new.
    Stupid Yahoo!, things never change

  • steve

    whatever they end up with I hope it is properly letterspaced!