Free download: Awesome UI Kit

Still looking for that perfect UI kit to base your flat design on? Then look no further…

This Awesome UI Kit from is massive and a fantastic way to ease into flat design. Perfect for a host of projects, the UI kit is unashamedly neutral, providing a framework for your own design, not dictating your approach as a lot of UI kits do.

A great range of UI components are included: boxes, paginators, product ratings elements, blog elements, and all manner of e-commerce goodness.

The PSD is supplied with vector graphics, making the set resolution-independent and ideal for designing for retina displays. Also included is a coded HTML file. 

Download this free UI kit below the preview:


Have you used this UI kit in one of your designs? What do you like best about it? Let us know in the comments.

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  • James

    Does anyone actually use these kits? I mean, thankfully this one has an html file so it isn’t completely useless….

    Honest question though. UI kits (particularly the single .psd file-type-ones) are starting to feel alot like a fad for designers to back-pat each other on rather than having any real value.

    I mean, if you are letting UI kits dictate your UI styling, are you designing for the client? or to match some UI kit you got off the internet?

    • Andrei

      I think they’re useful for webdesing beginners like me! Inspiration!:d

    • magic6435

      Many many clients don’t have bankrolls for complete sites but still need something to get the ball rolling or to seek investors. So by using a UI kit (not the psd only ones but something based on bootstrap), you can get someone a quick mvp for under 10 grand without flaking on the development.

    • lightamatch

      I TOTALLY agree! UI kits and “cute” social network icons drive me crazy.

  • Liam

    These are all really cool.

  • HemanthMalli

    Cool share!! I love the social networking icons and UI tool kits !!

  • Toby

    where’s the link? it’s not at the bottom of the page below the preview? Am i missing it?

  • Toby

    Cant see any input field or download button on any browser i’ve tried.

    Cmon guys… really, if you cant deliver a simple download that works across multiple browsers – time for a developer refresh. Glad to see I’m not the only one having issues.

  • Toby

    managed to make the download link appear using my iPhone… crazy. Fix the issues please.

  • CodeCollective

    WOW. One of the most advanced UI Kits with countless categories that can be used for a variety of design/development uses. A GREAT addition to the collection of UI Kit collectors, however the single PSD for numerous categories can be a burden on the dev process IMHO they should have a different VECTOR PSD per category within.

  • worldcupmydream

    Thanks for this…reli love em….

  • y493571521


  • Benjie — WebdesignerDepot

    Clear your cookies and empty your cache so the site doesn’t recognize you, then just enter your email address in the box (you won’t be double subscribed).

  • Bruno Oliveira Maneschy