Our favorite tweets of the week: September 23, 2013 – September 29, 2013

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Turn Sketches into Functioning Prototypes with AppSeed http://designm.ag/resources/appseed-turn-sketches-into-functioning-prototypes/

Great read! http://depot.ly/pgwHe  Lessons learnt building the Guardian

“We’ve made the internet in our image… Obese” http://depot.ly/pgwuV  Responsive design is not about screen sizes any more

Reveal app looks cool and the demo is great http://revealapp.com

Tough one http://depot.ly/perat  Why I’m Glad I’m Not an Aerospace Interface Designer

Cartoon Fundamentals: Create Emotions From Simple Changes in the Face http://depot.ly/pepMS  *This are great tips

Here’s a very good list of powerful #WordPress tips & tricks http://depot.ly/peoAL

“Good icon design crosses cultural borders. It speaks a global language.” SodaFish interview via @iconfinderhttp://depot.ly/penG2

This page is rad: Help, I need help http://www.helpineedhelp.com

Awesome Breaking Bad Illustrations http://depot.ly/pbUiC

10 mind-shifts you MUST have today to be a successful and happy freelancer http://depot.ly/pbWoa

Design studio Carter Wong has produced an A to Z of bicycle headbadges http://depot.ly/pbQqF

Hyper useful, ready to use #HTML5 snippets http://depot.ly/pbWiD  via @catswhocode

F is for Fonts http://www.fisforfonts.com

The New Yorker gets refreshed. Art director Wyatt Mitchell explains his changes http://depot.ly/p9woF

Free design mockups: http://depot.ly/paHDQ

Worth a look: 5 amazing tools to identify font http://depot.ly/p9CzK

Captivating black and white photography from French photographer Benoit Courti http://depot.ly/p7Dy8

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