Free download: 100 PSD mock-ups

A great way to sell a concept to a client is with a good mock-up. Mock-ups are the closest you can get to a finished product without inventing some kind of time machine, and will definitely increase the number of jobs you win.

That’s why we’re delighted to be able to give you these great mock-up actions for Photoshop from

Prepare your artwork, run the action in Photoshop (CS4 or later), and hey presto, a high quality mock-up fit for the most demanding clients.

The mock-ups render up to 12,400 x 9,300 pixels at 300ppi. They include 100 of PSD Covers’ most popular mock-ups. You can create bags; countless different books, both hardcover and paperback; dozens of different pamphlets and flyers; cases for CDs or Blu-rays; even magazines, both covers and inner pages. Amongst the hundreds of actions, you’ll even find a mock-up suitable for a bag of chips, or maybe some popcorn.

Each mockup action creates a PSD which can be further customized, giving you control of highlights and shadows, as well as letting you apply your branding to the project. Use them for advertising, presentations, webpages, or anything else you can think of, because they’re royalty free.

This fantastic set of actions will help you win more high quality work, absolutely free. Download information after the preview:


Have you used these mock-ups for a project? How do you normally present work? Let us know in the comments.

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      There’s either an email subscribe link, or a pay with tweet link, underneath the preview (depending on whether you’re already subscribed).

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