How to create a hipster logo

It was once all about gradients. It was once all about the watercolor effect. I even remember a time when it was all about the fun strokes and swooshes in logos.

We have gone through so many different trends for logo design that it’s hard to keep up with what’s relevant and what is not. We can probably think of tons of different styles for any one client using different logo trends from different time periods.

Today, it’s all about the hipster logo. And let me be the first to say this is one of the trends I absolutely adore and have utilized.

Hipster logos are sometimes pretty redundant — there’s no denying that. However, hipster logos have this simple charm that doesn’t take away from the actual product or service. It’s literally a cool way to interpret a brand that’s often modern, rustic and obvious.

Is it a bit overdone? Probably.

So much so that Tim Delger has decided to create a website and infographic that gives us a pretty satirical guide to creating these hipster logos. The idea is that the hipster logo design process doesn’t require much thought.

In some cases, you’ll see a logo that looks exactly like something else you’ve seen and probably has a concept unrelated to the product at hand. But, we all know that’s not native to this particular design style.


“The Hipster Logo Design Guide” is funny and pokes at a couple brands that probably take themselves a bit too seriously. You pick an emblem or badge, some extra design elements, a few buzzwords that are cool to use at the moment, an iconic font and go on with your wonderful new logo. And then, you’re given the idea to take that design ‘global’ by creating a rubber stamp. 

It’s fun and great to see designers poking fun at overdone themes and styles these days. It keeps people on their toes and starts to force people to think outside the box. This guide to hipster logo design is one of those, but I wouldn’t look forward to this trend dying any time soon. Hipster logos are too hip to die.

What do you think of hipster logos? Have you created a rubber stamp for your branding? Let us know in the comments.

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  • anonymous

    keep ridin’ chillwaves

  • Michael Meininger

    HAHAHAHA, love this post! With the rate that these logos are being “created” – you would think that every coffee shop, fixed-gear bike store, IPA beer, jean jorts, and Punch Brothers knock-off band would already have a logo.

    I proclaimed my dislike for these logos for the past year

    • Oscar Oscar

      lol finally!!! someone who agrees with me. I say , someone who can’t design something different than that is not a real designer! enough said!!!

  • Echo Freelance

    Well done work. Love it!

  • Hugo Ruíz


  • Jenna

    This is hilarious when you’ve unintentionally used 9 out of 10 things on here!! Check out my pre-launch hipster branded website –

  • Tom Dane

    There are very few things in life I hate more than hipsters.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Great suggestion!

  • mercury sloth

    So, what would be a great way to shoot the bird at cheesy computer generated logos and fonts? Maybe a hand drawn cheesy logo?

  • Bibble Studio

    haha same here.. whoops