The history of typography in 5 minutes

Designer Ben Barrett-Forrest has created a delightful and informative stop motion animation about the history of fonts and typography.

The History of Typography, which is just over 5 minutes long, covers everything from Blackletter to Caslon, Pixel Type and the way technology has evolved to allow anyone to create their own typeface.

To create the animation, Ben used 291 paper letters, 2,454 photographs and put in a total of 140 hours worth of work.

I’m sure you would agree that the final product was well worth the effort.

What do you think of ‘The History of Typography’? Did it teach you anything new? Let us know in the comments.

  • pontus66

    Awesome! And educational as well.

  • hendyanto

    Very good :) Thanks

  • singingdesigner


  • Freelance Web Designer

    Great stuff!

  • Ivanov Karamazov

    Awesome! I love this. :)

  • shane

    Awesome and very useful

  • cpfuzz2

    awesome video! kudos!!

  • Andrea Emery

    Very entertaining! For the record, Slab Serif fonts are not only good for titles but highly readable as body copy. This is due to their large x-height. They are often underrated!

  • Tess

    Yes thanks! I had not given much thought to the history of type before. Some accounts of the history of typology are way too long to read when you only want a historic outline .

  • Kon Pavlos

    First time i saw this great video was on .It is a short an full of meaning video. Actually i paused it a few times to get the details )))

  • Anna Svenneby

    awesome & simple
    A video spread across the internet, i saw it a typography cite

  • creativenomad

    this is awesome! learnt so much!