Was iOS7 designed in Microsoft Word?

Since the beta release, there have been countless complaints about the look and feel of iOS7.

The community at large has been perplexed as to how Jony Ive — Apple’s senior vice president of design, who was previously known for such sophistication and constraint when designing hardware — managed to produce such an ugly user interface.

Finally, it seems like Vaclav Krejci has found the answer: he designed it in Microsoft Word!

Take a look at Krejci’s stunning video below and watch him create a realistic version of the iPhone5, complete with iOS7 interface, using just Microsoft Word.

Of course, Ive probably didn’t use Word. His software budget must be almost unlimited, and iOS7 was almost certainly designed in Adobe CS6. But if Krejci’s video demonstrates one thing it’s that in the hands of a master, the worst tools can achieve a professional finish; conversely, no amount of flashy software can disguise a lack of ability.

Perhaps Apple should hire Krejci to design iOS8, they’ll get the same quality finish, at a fraction of the price.

How do you think iOS7 was really designed? Is Microsoft Word a good design tool? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • dizko107

    Impress command of MS Word, I must say.

  • TheAL

    Just be sure continue to blame the designer, not the tool. Microsoft Word did not make iOS7 ugly. MicSo has already established themselves as being at least competent with flat design (like it or not, Windows 8 practically ushered in the current flat obsession/trend).

    On a similar note: I’ve seen a lot of garbage come out of Photoshop – a whole lot – and we all know what Photoshop is capable of. If anyone walks away from this thinking Word is to blame, *cough*, they need some help.

  • tsz

    Countless complaints ? I like the IOS7 interface (and would even like it better if it wasn’t a bit slow on my poor old Iphone4)

  • les

    Jaw Dropped.

  • Matthew

    Impressive word skills

  • Derp

    1st point reddit…
    B – I think the dood is very talented designer and is just flexing in Word. Nice one!

  • Steve McGeachy

    Impressive use of Microsoft Word and to think I only used this app to create term papers.

  • Meks

    i know hot to use MS Word gets totally new meaning for me.

  • cuplizian

    “In the hands of a master, the worst tools can achieve a professional finish.”
    Does anybody have try it in Paint?

  • DaquanWright

    Impressive. The artist makes the work, not the tool. :)

    It’s true that you need a lot more patience, but iOS7 is very simple. It’s not all that complex.

  • Maarten Dekkers

    i probably should design my new website in word…

  • Joyce

    I love this!! VERY impressed!

  • 21tigermike

    Dude are you serious? They’re called Rounded Rectangles. No big deal.

    They would use iWork of course. I’ve had Web Designers slackjawed at what kind of graphics I can throw together in about 20 seconds in Pages, while they take 10 minutes to make even the most basic things in Photoshop. It’s true.

    MS Word? What year is this?!

  • 21tigermike

    MS Word doesn’t even have a color picker? Pffftt hahaha… Get outta here with this garbage.

  • Mr Doubt

    Amazing, but to be honest, you can create almost every flatterned icon you see on the internet with MS Word tho.

  • Zaskaburcio Tiburcio

    Amazing video. Better in PowerPoint 2013. It has color picker and can combine forms.

  • Xander

    Word looks cool again! Anyways.. iOs7 interface is supposed to be flat.. but flat doesnt mean that it has to look dull and boring. I think that the complaints about iOs7 are about just that. The flat design has not been pushed to it maximum potential, which makes it look very boring. Less should be more, instead of bore.