Free download: 5 O’Clock Shadows Icon Set

This fantastic icons set, created exclusively for WebdesignerDepot by PixelKit, is a brilliant twist on the repetitive ‘flat’ icons that are everywhere right now. Using the bright but desaturated colors, favored in flat design; the icons are attractive, cheerful and friendly.

In a fun twist the long shadow technique has been applied to actually increase the icons’ 3D quality, rather than the usual approach of flattening it. The soft gradients, deep shadows and playful color scheme put us in mind of a FisherPrice toy, and these icons would definitely work well on a kids’ site.

Particular favorites are the old fashioned record player and the even more old fashioned radio. Slightly more commonly required icons include the settings icon, represented by two cogs; and the comment icon, represented by a speech bubble with a ‘plus’ sign.

You can download these fun icons below the preview.


As well as this great icon set, the generous folks at PixelKit are also giving away 6 HTML Bootstrap UI kits on their GitHub page, just head over to their repository to download the free versions.


Have you used these icons in a project? What do you think of the 3D quality they have? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Jason

    These are good looking icons, think these are better than the flat icon look!

  • James

    meh. More long shadow icons.


  • Alice

    I love those icons, they are perfect, detailed enough and look very sweet. I shall sign up on PixelUI just to get those.

  • Vandy K.

    Tried to pay with a tweet several times already and it does not work…

    • Walter Apai

      This has been fixed now. Please try again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Vandy K.

        Thanks! It works fine now.

  • Shin Nguyen

    Thanks! It’s very awesome

  • Ana McFly

    The only available link is the UI kits, I can’t find the icons one. Maybe I’m blind, sorry haha

  • Brochure Printing NYC

    These are amazing looking icons!
    Love the colors. Apple fans will be delighted with these!

  • Purpleno

    These icons are 3D styled and very attractive

  • macken

    May I use in my personal app?

  • Basukizer


  • Stephanie

    Tried to pay with a tweet several times already and it does not work. Is the link broken?

    • Benjie — WebdesignerDepot

      If you clear your cookies and refresh the page you’ll be able to download by entering your email address.

  • jinsoni

    O its perfect