Giveaway: Win 1 of 20 Premium WordPress Themes from MyThemeShop

If you’re a WordPress developer, you’ll know that there are a huge range of themes out there to build a site from. Many free ones are good, but for the very best features you need a premium theme.

The downside to premium themes is that they usually have a premium price tag, which is why we’re delighted to be hosting this giveaway from MyThemeShop.

We’ll be randomly selecting 20 winners who will each receive the premium theme of their choice from MyThemeShop’s range of over 60 premium themes.

All of MyThemeShop’s themes are responsive, so you’ll be good to go whatever the viewing platform; they’re all built with HTML5 and CSS3, so you can be sure that your chosen theme will be standards-compliant; they’re even regularly updated to keep them optimized for the evolving web.

MyThemeShop’s premium themes all come with full support, and there’s an active community on their forums.

Check out some of the themes you can choose from:


























How to enter:

  • Browse through MyThemeShop’s Premium themes gallery, then post a comment letting us know which theme you’d like to win and why
  • Comment MUST be entered with your email address as a guest (no social logins)
  • One comment per person
  • Winners will be contacted via email
  • Giveaway will end on December 11th, 2013. Good luck!

[UPDATE] This contest is now closed and all the winners will be contacted directly. Thanks for participating!

  • Dhaval Pathak

    I like to win Clock Theme because of it has used to my own blog…

  • dhavalpathak43

    I like to win clock theme to used my own blog…

  • Tate

    Sensational!~ It suits on what I had in my mind as a layout for my site :D

  • Giorgos Key

    I love Glamour template, I think it will be great for my next project – a design magazine site.

  • Philip Norton

    I would love to win the split minimal & responsive theme so that I could set up a new blog idea I have been working on.

  • Lane Lester

    I’d choose Repose. The need for responsiveness has greatly reduced the creativity in themes such that most of them look pretty much alike. Repose has some nice color treatments for a bit of variety.

  • Alanya Emlak

    Very nice, thanks

  • Gaurav Tiwari

    I want to win Wildfire (don’t know it’s not listed here) as it’s exceptionally clean and geometrical. I seems perfect to my educational personal blog.

  • Winnie D

    I love Vogue because it is clean and elegant

  • Natália Rampon

    I’d like to win Instinct, because it’d really suit what I have in mind and it has a very noticeable space for posts’ information (like date, who it was written by, etc).

  • Mike M

    I would like the clock theme if chosen to use on my webpage.

  • Muavia

    Clock Theme. Its clean, elegant, well balanced and simple. Just the kind I’d like to use for my project.

  • Waseef Akhtar

    Minimalist! because it is the shit!

  • Wenbin Wu

    i like to win Sensational Theme, it’s very beautiful.

  • krishnan

    i like Splash because it flexible layout,SEO optimized and custome color and typology and more


    i like BOOKSHELF …usefull

  • Ignet

    I would like to win Clock theme, because it’s perfectly suited to my new web site.

  • Ana Pedretti

    The Digitalis template wuold be perfect for my new portfolio! =)

  • Marta

    I like Digitalis.

    Clean and with a great look love it

  • Francesco

    I like “Simpleton” because it seems easy to maintain and content is king.

  • Cyndi

    Sensational is the theme I would choose. :)

  • lenamtl

    I would use Boxline for my project

  • saeed

    I like Clock Theme because of it’s style and shop

  • Francesco

    I like “Simpleton” because it seems easy to update and content is king.

  • vhick

    I’m glad if I will win Monopoly Theme.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Rahul Joshi

    It would be the Wildfire theme, perfect for my blog.

  • Starr D Hm

    I would love to win the Sensational. It will work great with my logo.

  • Joel

    I’d love to win the “Great” theme because i could use it for my music website :D

  • ibhecks

    I hope to win Minimalist theme I think the most appropriate to me, just like me :)

  • Joel Emberson

    I’d love the Repose theme, very nice for an upcoming portfolio site I’m working on.

  • Sans

    I like to win Splash, its a nice review theme which will help me to promote my amazon affiliate sites.

  • Alex Ionescu

    We would like to win Repose for a personal project I am working on.

  • Ric

    I think Access Box would be a nice theme to have. It’s has a very professional look to it.

  • Alexandre Tempel

    I would like to win Pinstagram because he has an awesome responsive form and fits right into some of my works. It would give them a better look!

  • Liz

    I love Awake. I think it would be perfect for a client who is starting up an online magazine. Great placement, very professional.

  • diktyo2001

    Boxline, fits me right…

  • Manuel Inhester

    Clock seems like a nice and powerful theme to me, suits perfect for a future project… :-)

  • Andrian See

    I love Digitalis Theme because it is simple and clean, suitable for my design blog.

  • Francois

    I’d go with Frontpage.

  • Gouri

    I would like to win Sensational as it is perfect responsive and beautiful, well designed to present the content to the user.

  • Ashish Bansal

    Beautiful Themes. I would like to win the Glamour and True Pixel themes.

  • diedtryin

    Flick is my favorite. Would love to use it in my next project for my brother :) Great work guys!

  • Anvith KS

    It would be nice to win the FrontPage theme. I have been looking for a neat theme that is responsive and adapts nicely to all screen sizes.
    I kep looking for new premium themes as I develop at least 4-5 websites a month.
    I have been looking at MyThemeShop themes for a while now, but didn’t really purchase any as I wasn’t sure how good or bad they are. This would be a nice way to test them out.

  • opencodez

    I would love to try my hands on Splash theme. Its has amazing look and feel. Appreciate if you could give me chance to win this theme.

  • Wasim

    I would like to win , its great for magazine like layout and great for my tutorial blog.

  • Paw

    I’d like to win Sensational theme. It looks simple, clean and crispy. I want to change my old boring theme of my blog to Sensational. Thanks.

  • Amy

    I like the Chronology theme. Very responsive!

  • phat

    i like theme repose and boxline. i want to use it for my own blog. your theme is beautiful. thanks.

  • Prashanth Sadasivan

    I would like to win the Clock theme.It is looking very good :)

  • Sumith Suresh

    I would really love to win the Sensational theme from the beautiful collection that MyThemeShop is offering.

    I would love to use this theme on my own blog, that relates to technology, studies and various other stuff. This theme would surely improve the overall design of my blog tremendously, allowing me to attract even more audience to my blog, that will be the effect of this wonderfully crafted theme :)

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  • Alan Amsden

    I would like to win the simple theme because it will help benefit me for the type of company im striving to make and it just seems like the best one overall in my opinion.