Our favorite tweets of the week: October 28, 2013 – November 3, 2013

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Meet The Company That Tracks More Phones Than Google Or Facebook http://depot.ly/qoKZg

How the TED website is being rebuilt from the ground up for a new generation of people and devices http://depot.ly/qoJFv

Here’s a handy article on how to use the progress element http://depot.ly/qoJ0d

The 12 Best Themes for Your New Ghost Blog http://depot.ly/qowKJ

Nap time! Undress a Giraffe in Photoshop http://depot.ly/qmegV

Create a Tim Burton Inspired Bride of Frankenstein in Illustrator http://depot.ly/qmgLe

Build your own task list manager with PHP http://depot.ly/qmesQ  via @CreativeBloq

Good article from @speckyboy on designing websites using DISC Analysis http://depot.ly/qmgvM

The Minimalist Guide to Taking Charge of Your SEO http://depot.ly/qk9kL

Good article by @ScottKellum on the clever use of invisible fonts http://depot.ly/qk7CJ

If you haven’t tried Grunt.js yet, here is a nice little article to get started: http://depot.ly/qk7fF  via @smashingmag

Nice quick tip: Clean Up Your Photoshop Swatches and Styles http://depot.ly/qk6UO

WordPress.com  now lets you embed a Follow button anywhere on the Web http://depot.ly/qkbrp

Introduction to A/B & Multivariate Testing in Web Design http://depot.ly/qk2pk

Daniella Zalcman #photography: New York and London fantastic double exposure http://depot.ly/qh988

How to figure out what you should be working on or The Eisenhower Decision Matrix http://depot.ly/qeYB3  via @jschoolcraft

Call yourself a hacker, lose your 4th amendment rights http://depot.ly/qeYec

Ugly, but informative infographic on how various brands use the emotion of color in their logo http://depot.ly/qeVXt  via @brainpicker

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