Our favorite tweets of the week: December 2, 2013 – December 8, 2013

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Is Cool Design Really Uncool? http://depot.ly/rweM3

Saturday fun: How to create a digital doodled snowflake in Adobe Illustrator http://depot.ly/rwcI0

Top 5 Web Design Tips That Optimize your Site’s Conversion Funnel http://depot.ly/rwbkl

Real-Life Fox And The Hound Best Friends Will Melt Your Heart http://depot.ly/rwb2z

Interview with designer Benjamin Dauer: “Be Humble, Be Honest, Don’t Be Afraid To Fail” http://depot.ly/rwdqJ  via @smashingmag

Handy quick read: Personal finance in 10 sentences http://depot.ly/rwbGi  via @lifehacker

Front pages pay tribute to the extraordinary Nelson Mandela http://depot.ly/rwmDd

Hiring Before You’re Ready http://depot.ly/rtxxq

Explosive Roy Lichtenstein inspired spot you have got to watch http://depot.ly/rtx0C

How to manage clients as a freelancer http://depot.ly/rtxjx  *Advice via @CreativeBloq

Inspiring design from Studio FNT http://depot.ly/rtx5Y

Useful tip from @smashingmag: Modifying Admin Post Lists In #WordPresshttp://depot.ly/rtxeP

Quick tutorial on customizing dashed and dotted borders in #CSS3http://depot.ly/rraIf

Plagiarism website shames logo thieves http://depot.ly/rpFwc  *Great article by @CreativeBloq

goodui.org/  Good resource

Making the Perfect WordPress Theme: Maintenance, Compatibility, and Customer Care http://depot.ly/rpF3K

Good design starts with empathy http://depot.ly/roN89  #UX

Interesting read via @lifehacker: Apply “Schumpeterianism” to Push Through Criticism and Get Things Done http://depot.ly/rn1do

Delivery drones are coming http://depot.ly/rn0UT  Awkward or rad?

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  • Ondřej David

    Great stuff as always.