Our favorite tweets of the week: December 9, 2013 – December 15, 2013

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Gifpop: make custom cards from animated gifs http://gifpop.io

Worth a look: Videos from Çingleton 3 http://depot.ly/rJLm5  via @jschoolcraft

App’s clever feedback system helps happy users tweet, while angry customers can only email http://depot.ly/rJL9C  via @TUAW

The Line Of Least Resistance http://depot.ly/rHoe1  #UX via @smashingmag

Should you code well or code fast? @BKWLD‘s Matt Aebersold attempts to steer a path between the 2 http://depot.ly/rHnEP  via @netmag

The brilliant hack that brought Foursquare back from the dead http://depot.ly/rETto  via @wired_business

Good to know: Best 6 Online Productivity Tools For Writers http://depot.ly/rESXa

#Typography is fun: The making of FF Quixo http://ow.ly/rESiZ  via @BrushLovers

Learning jQuery with Street Fighter and Hadoukens http://depot.ly/rCuFM

Colorpeek: A Simple Way to See and Share #CSS Colors http://depot.ly/rCvHs  via @Real_CSS_Tricks

Exploring The Evolution of the Web http://www.evolutionoftheweb.com

Data visualizations awards 2013 – check out the winners: http://depot.ly/rCjPN

Why It’s Best To Be Cautious Around Procedurally Generated Indie Games http://depot.ly/rArdC

Iris: a concept of how Apple could attempt to corner the photography market http://depot.ly/rAmUN

If you’ve ever wondered how much does it cost to build the world’s hottest startups: http://depot.ly/rAowR

Exposure: A new web service for creating beautiful photo narratives http://depot.ly/rAo8j

ASCIIwwdc: A resource for transcribed WWDC sessions http://depot.ly/rAlVW

How to create a filterable gallery with jQuery http://depot.ly/2BZFvy

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  • Andy Astrand

    Your site seems to be doing something to the links in the article. The big bold red ones with a class of “roll-link” ? When you hover the things they glow & roll up until you’re left hovering over a completely blank area of white space. It’s rather irritating and I can’t imagine it’s deliberate. I’m on the latest version of chrome.

  • Luan