Free download: Awesome low-poly PSD backgrounds

One of the biggest trends in 2014 will be geometric patterns, inspired by the low-poly look. So we’re really excited to be able to bring you these great geometric backgrounds absolutely free of charge.

These high-definition PSDs provide the perfect backdrop to big typography, and the subtle textures add a lovely craft feel to any design.

The different color schemes call to mind everything from crumpled paper to hazy mountain scenes, and of course all of the colors are fully editable in Photoshop.

This is a great way to break away from the dull, flat, color blocks designers have been using recently, without returning to full-blown gradients.

The PSDs are supplied by Run by two Mikes from Saskatchewan, Best PSD Freebies is coming up on its second anniversary and in those two years has quickly become one of the best resources for high-quality, free PSDs, on the Web.

Download the files beneath the preview:



Have you used the low-poly look in your work? Which of these color schemes works best? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • MG

    Dude make it free or charge for it but fuck paying with tweets.

    • Dan DiGangi

      You’d rather pay than spend 3 seconds sending out a tweet? I’m with him. I’d rather grow my business, market a valuable product and show people what I can do.

    • Dan DiGangi

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  • CS

    Yeah I second that notion…

  • Dan DiGangi

    Beautifully simple!

  • suruha

    These are awesome! I didn’t have to pay with a Tweet, but, I will sure Tweet about it! Thank you! It’s the least one can do!

  • Peter Mumford

    Cool pics, but I’m not sure how these things are going to influence web design much. They don’t seem very useful as background images. The header on this post uses one, but its all that successful. Do you have any links to show examples of this stuff in use?

    • Roberto

      If you need examples then you don’t need this stuff. Simple.

      • Peter Mumford

        ha! touché

  • judag

    Hellow I pay with a tweet but it don’t appears the link to dowload, can you help me? Thanks!!!

  • Kristopher Daia

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  • Muhammad Mairaj

    Useful Article Thank you WDD,

    Muhammad Mairaj

  • Ken Verhaegen

    I’ve used the grey one to fill a masthead for a livestream embed, awesome work, just what I needed. Kudos!
    Check it out at :) Example-wise.