The best of, February 2014

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Every month we’ll be bringing you a summary of the best the site has to offer, here are our favorite projects for February:

Action packed car jumps or weird hovering automobiles?


Solemn chapel is iconic testament to enduring culture


Hypnotic video of an endlessly walking and transforming creature

Family photos with mannequins poke fun at the American dream


Printable touch technology might revolutionize manufacturing


8,000 sheets of rice paper assembled into massive ‘boat’ installation


12 hilarious pictures of dogs transformed into fashion models


Delicate sculptures created through paper folding


‘Sad Keanu Reeves’ meme is now a 3D printed figurine


Simple street art personifies inanimate objects


Miniature clones help this photographer at work


18 classic rock album covers… minus dead band members


Intimate ocean photos give a new perspective on waves


Stitching the industrialization of daily life


Learn about this man’s shocking method to document his travels


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