Our favorite tweets of the week: March 17, 2014 – March 23, 2014

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How to Draw Animals: Elephants, Their Species and Anatomy http://depot.ly/uOPof  via @tutsplus

Gestural Control: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly http://depot.ly/uOPam  *Great essay by @jnd1er via @jankowarpspeed

Realtime Chat with Node.js http://depot.ly/uOM33  via @Tutorialzine

What It’s Like to Design Something Used by a Billion People http://depot.ly/uOLGg  *By @MarcusWohlsen for @wired_business

Turkey blocks Twitter http://depot.ly/uOPOG

Google reveals Android Wear, an operating system for smartwatches http://depot.ly/uMwsc  via @verge

If You Can’t See The UXer In The Room, You Are The UXer http://depot.ly/uMwfh

Interesting read – Remember more of what you read and hear: 6 research-tested ways to improve your memory http://depot.ly/uMfep

Colophon celebrate five years by creating a fictional world for their font http://depot.ly/uKXh7  via @itsnicethat

Customer User Experience For SMEs http://depot.ly/uKZep

YouTube is reportedly building a version for kids under 10 years old, asks creators for child-oriented content http://depot.ly/uKZ9p

No, Twitter Didn’t Change Its Refresh Feature — It’s a Bug http://depot.ly/uKZ4H  via @mashable

Lowe’s “Fix In Six” Vine Campaign Wins O’TooleBox Advertising Award http://depot.ly/uKXOX  via @marketingland

The ultimate guide to writing ultimate guides — http://depot.ly/uHsY2

Why people focus on the right-hand side of a design http://depot.ly/uHfuk  *Nice #UX read via @CreativeBloq

Nice roundup via @chrisspooner: 40 vintage logo designs inspired by the Great Outdoors http://depot.ly/uHfjY

The definitive guide to logo design: 55 pro tips http://depot.ly/uFXTY  via @CreativeBloq

A Plea For Companies To Provide Support Via Text http://depot.ly/uFXM5  *Valid point by @euwyn

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  • Christopher Hargrave

    Question WDD:

    Why don’t links in these posts open in a new window? I scroll through the whole list and click all of the articles I want to read, then go back one by one and read them. Many times I forget to right-click and open them in a new window, make a : face, and wonder “why dont these links open in a new window automatically?” Thanks!

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/ Benjie — WebdesignerDepot

      Because most readers prefer them not to. Personally I agree that opening in a new window is preferable, but we’re in a minority.

      • Christopher Hargrave

        Interesting. I always considered it best practice to open in a new window when linking away from your website. What do readers know? ;)