Our favorite tweets of the week: March 24, 2014 – March 30, 2014

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Goat Simulator Official Launch Trailer, as funny as the first one http://ow.ly/v7Glx

R.I.P Retweet? Twitter Experiment Features “Share” Button Instead of “Retweet” http://ow.ly/v7EyI  via @marketingland

The Rising Trend of Dynamic Expandable Search Fields http://depot.ly/v29z6

What successful leaders’ to-do lists look like http://depot.ly/uZJF4

Want to attend #FILive? Use code WEBDESIGNERDEPOT before March 31 & save 10% on an early bird ticket! http://futureinsightslive.com/las-vegas-2014/

A Modern Designer’s Canvas http://depot.ly/uZJq4  via @smashingmag

Anti-social network helps you avoid people you don’t want to see http://depot.ly/uZITP  via @FastCoDesign

Half of America Now Recognizes Google Glass http://depot.ly/uZIvR

8 in 10 say the ads they see on Twitter are irrelevant http://depot.ly/uZHvS

Trends in ecommerce volume change across global webstores http://depot.ly/uW63X

Looking for color inspiration? Check out Wes Anderson Palettes http://depot.ly/uW5PR  via @BrushLovers

Artist breathes new life into old Disney scenes by painting over them http://depot.ly/uW5xF

A New App That Lets You Take Apart Websites and Rebuild Them At Will http://depot.ly/uW2ZN  via @FastCoDesign

Adobe Photoshop Recreated Using Lego http://depot.ly/uTs4b  via @speckyboy

A Quick Introduction to Agile #UX Design http://depot.ly/uTrWv

Good read: Why don’t designers take Android seriously? http://depot.ly/uTrQ7

How To Code an HTML5/CSS3 Shopping Cart Webpage Layout http://depot.ly/uOR7x

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