Deal of the week: Design websites faster with Pinegrow Web Designer

Working in Photoshop is no longer an option. The bloated behemoth just doesn’t provide a suitable interface for designing websites, especially not responsive websites. Designing in the browser is ideal, but it does require fluency in HTML and CSS to get anything done.

Across the industry designers are crying out for a modern way of designing sites, and we think we’ve found one. What’s more, our sister-site has even managed to arrange a huge discount on it.

Pinegrow Web Designer is a desktop app for Mac, Windows and Linux, that lets you design webpages fast. It builds pages using CSS & Less and supports frameworks including Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation.

The simple drag-n-drop interface allows you to rapidly build your pages, and numerous contextual properties enable fine-tuning. Pinegrow works with standard HTML files. You can open up existing web projects and edit them right away, there’s no proprietary tie-in.

What’s more, Pinegrow Web Designer allows you to build your own component library. Have an element that you use all the time, like a copyright notice, or a link to a particular site? Simply add it as a custom component and drag and drop it whenever you like. Pinegrow saves components as JavaScript files, so you can easily edit anything you create.

Yet another time saving feature is the undo. How many times have you made a mistake in a CSS file and wished you had more than 1 level of undo? Well Pinegrow gives you 20!

Most importantly, multi-page editing allows simple development of responsive sites. And this is the application’s main boon; nothing else will rapidly build responsive sites quite like this.

The multi-page edit feature and page mirroring means you can style related pages at the same time, creating a sense of consistency so vital to professional design.


Spend a week with Pinegrow Web Designer and you’ll never design a site in Photoshop again!

This incredible application normally retails for $49.95—which is a bargain—but thanks to MightyDeals you can now get it for just $24, that’s a huge 52% discount. Head over to to grab this offer today.

  • Lane Lester

    The product page does not include Linux as compatible.

  • Lane Lester

    I’d like to run this on a Linux system, but that OS is not included on the linked page.

  • Tim

    I bought this app. It seems like it will take a bit to get the hang of, but has some great potential and an interesting way of looking at web design.
    However, image editors will always need to be used to design (at least parts of) websites. You can’t do everything in a program like Pinegrow. You have to be able to do photo retouching and create background images, and even movie editing. Many times you need to see how these images will look within a concept before moving to code.
    Also, if you’re using a framework like WordPress, you can’t really design in an app like Pinegrow because it won’t translate without at least as much work as you’d do in Photoshop. This app is more for sites that are plain html, which could be based of Bootstrap or something, but really who uses Bootstrap directly without integrating it into a CMS?

  • djicykle

    well i was sold, bought it, thanks for the deal!

  • Benedict Forrest

    What CSS editing program do you use that only lets you undo 1 step, Notepad? And what sort of program only gives you 20 undos? Dreamweaver is set to 50 by default isn’t it? Notepad++ is unlimited I believe.

  • brendan

    Designing in photoshop is absolutely still an option! It takes about a week to learn HTML and CSS and a couple more weeks to learn how to make mobile friendly stylesheets – just take the time to learn!

    • bgbs

      It takes many more years to learn good css (oocss) coding techniques.

  • prakash prakash

    Awesome application, its really good.