Free download: Resphekt font

All typefaces imbue their content with personality, and never is that more true than for script fonts. The importance of an ample supply of script fonts in your toolkit can’t be underestimated, so we’re delighted that Fontfabric have decided to give away their Resphekt font, free of charge to WebdesignerDepot readers.

Designed by Fontfabric & Evgeny Tkhorzhevsky, Resphekt is a sharp and slightly abrasive, masculine script. It mimics cursive hand-writing to the extend that you can almost see the author, or in this case scribe, because Resphekt has a distinctly old-school vibe. Its precise lines and angular terminals feel like they’ve been scratched onto the page. There is a distinct sense of an old fashioned fountain pen—or perhaps even quill and inkpot—about this typeface. The descending ‘s’ and old-style spur on the ‘e’ are particularly pleasing.

Resphekt is ideal for any kind of gothic purpose; it’s hard to imagine a more suitable face for a reprinting of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, although not for the body text, Resphekt is strictly for display text. There are plenty more uses too, it’s ideal anytime you need to convey a certain interest created by age, such as a wine bottle label, or an historical event.

But just because it mimics age, doesn’t make it dated. You’re free to use the font online, even with @font-face rules if you credit Fontfabric.

Download the files beneath the preview:


Featured image/thumbnail, uses Carpathian Mountains image via Daniela Constantinescu

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  • Karsho

    Simply Thanks…..

  • Beto Alanís

    It’s not a “free download” if I have to PAY with a tweet. Just saying.

  • Ste

    I can’t download this font. it takes me to authorise posting on my tweet but doesn’t get any further. HELP!!!

    • arDeB

      it’s same case with me, too :(

      • Benjie — WebdesignerDepot

        If you clear your cookies it will let you download by entering your email address instead (you won’t be double-subscribed).

  • Print font

    Says it’s free to use online. What about print?

  • Antonio Marghereti

    This work is beautiful, it really caught my eyes…. but as Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French writer I realized that this font doesn’t recognize words with acute accent, circumflex, and grave accent like this: á â à / Á Â À or ç Ç