Transform WordPress into a WYSIWYG with MotoPress

If you work with WordPress sites, then you know how frustrating the built-in editor can be. Whether it’s superfluous markup, outdated CSS, or its habit of truncating spacing, the default editor in WordPress can cost you hours of time.

There is an alternative though: MotoPress.

MotoPress is an exciting plugin that actually replaces the default WordPress editor, providing all of the same functionality, and then some. Just check out the awesome demo.

No need to hack away at HTML and hope that WordPress doesn’t strip out your hard work: MotoPress lets you design your content by dragging and dropping. Just create a new page and manipulate content just as you would in a design application.


MotoPress includes a ton of additional elements designed to make your life easier. There are charts, tables, buttons, image sliders, image holders and much more. You can simply drag the content you need onto the stage, arrange it to your liking, even define properties like alignment and color, and you’re ready to publish.

If you’re building for your own site, the MotoPress is currently just $29 per year, but you can save a ton of bucks if you’re a business—or more likely, a web designer—by opting for their business, or developer plans that allow you to deploy to 5, or unlimited sites respectively.


Because MotoPress has been designed for the needs of today’s WordPress professional, its output is fully responsive, which means that however you choose to configure your content, it will be fully adaptive to any screen size.

Best of all, MotoPress works with any theme. You don’t need to make any changes to your installation, or even install a specific theme, just install MotoPress in your dashboard and you’re good to go.

[ This is a sponsored post for MotoPress ]

  • Aaron

    104 requests and a 32 second page load time to get into the WYSIWYG editor. Pass. If I had to absolutely use wordpress, I’d use WPBakery.

    • Jack Saat


  • tjedison

    All these plugins lately with the annual pricing! I blame Adobe for starting this way of thinking with CC (j/k). Anyway, not interested. If the plugin was a flat price for unlimited use, I’d buy it and use it for some sites.

  • Susi Schuele

    I actually thought about purchasing this, and tried, but couldn’t even get past the payment gateway and there are still two transactions stuck there. Emailed support – twice – got no response. So.. given the previous comments and the total customer service breakdown as well, I think I’ll pass too. And by the way – you can cancel the pending transactions.

    • MotoPress

      Hi Susi,
      Thank you for your interest in our plugin :)
      There are no problems with our payment gateway and our support team wrote you about this in the support ticket.

  • txoxy

    Provide cost for perpetual license please. Rental is inappropriate for this kind of product.

    Only a fool would build a house with rented nails.

    • MotoPress

      You can buy the plugin once and use it as long as you like, even when the year has passed the plugin will continue working, you only won’t get updates and support.

  • MotoPress

    You can buy the plugin for $79 and use it forever, as after a year has passed the editor continues working, only the updates and support are not available.

    • Seba

      First I was thinking same than others. 79$ year is robbery when WordPress is actually truely free. Anyway you are only speaking about support and updates which makes sense. If you develop and give support, then you have to get paid for that :)

      • MotoPress

        Hi Seba, yes we meant support and updates :) I think we should change the description of licenses on our website so do not confuse our customers. Client pays for the plugin once and further it’s up to him pay for support and new releases or not, but MotoPress will work forever :)