The best of, August 2014

For designers passionate about the latest developments across the full spectrum of visual design, there’s a new site that features some of the most exciting, innovative and inspiring design projects taking place today. Every day our sister-site,, trawls the web seeking out the projects with the most buzz surrounding them and delivers a compact, visual summary right to your inbox.

Focused on all fields of design, you’ll find graphic design, art, architecture, furniture design, fashion, branding, photography, and everything else that’s visual and engaging.

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Every month we’ll be bringing you a summary of the best the site has to offer, here are our favorite projects from the last month:

Satirical cartoons make us face tough modern issues with a smile


Psychedelic anime paintings marry Eastern and Western pop culture


7 internet buzzwords with hilarious and helpful illustrations


The ‘Oral:phabet’ personifies typeface in the creepiest way


Watery sculptures bring the ocean to your living room through layered glass


10 satisfying photos of helpless vacationers launching out of waterslides


Unique photos imagine New York City through a massive kaleidoscope


Artist sends flowers into the stratosphere for breathtaking photographs


Eyesore electrical towers get a facelift with beautiful stained glass


The cast of Star Wars met up for some old-timey group photos. The results are hilarious.


Ancient feudal style artwork proves modern pop characters have existed for centuries


The Legend of Zelda finally gets a movie… Poster that is.


6,000 plastic bottles make up this illuminated outdoor maze


Don’t look down! This awesome string sculpture lets you climb all over it.


This clever bike is designed to fit into a tiny backpack

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    nice blog. i like it.
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    awesome designing thanks for the photos really awesome.

  • Design-Feed

    Nice selection of work. I’ve featured a some of them on my site too. Check it out – :)