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150+ Customizable, Photorealistic Mockups - only $19!

Curious how your logo or design will look on a T-shirt? Or perhaps a new storefront? Don't waste time on a photoshoot or simply guessing at the outcome. Instead, grab this Massive Mockup Kit chock full of over 150 high-quality photorealistic mockups. Get this huge collection of 158 total mockups for a mere $19!

TT Octas Family of 10 Octagonal Fonts from Typetype - only $9!

Built on the principle of octagonal forms, TT Octas is a TYPETYPE font family of narrowly proportioned glyphs. With a saturated and vintage character thanks to small serifs, TT Octas sports regular and italics styles with 5 unique weights apiece. Covering more than 70 languages, this typeface is the answer to your product labeling and branding! Get all 10 fonts in the TT Octas Family for just $9!

500+ Premium Quality Vectors from Noka Studio - only $17!

In need of a large collection of high-quality illustrations? Then sink your teeth into this set of premium, high-quality vectors. You'll get more than 500 fdesign elements in dozens of different categories including holidays, food, barbershops, calendars and more. Get this entire collection now for a mere $17!

150 Massive Business Cards Bundle from Marvel Media - only $17!

Need some new business cards for yourself or a client? This Mighty Deal is just what the doctor ordered then! You'll get 150 hi-res, print-ready professional business cards for one ridiculously low price. Fully customizable through nicely organized and named Photoshop layers, these bad boys are print ready with CMYK color mode and 300 DPI high resolution. Get all 150 cards for only $17!

Lifetime Access to SitePoint Premium (1000s of Developer and Designer Books & Tutorials) - only $44!

With a Lifetime Membership to SitePoint Premium, you'll get all the education you could ever want! This deal gets you lifetime access to one of the best resource libraries for Web developers, designers and programmers. Through thousands of books, videos, tutorials and screencasts, you can learn to master topics from HTML to PHP to Design & UX. Get access to this incredible resource library for only $44!

47 Professional Handcrafted Fonts from FontArt - only $24!

Sick of searching around for the perfect font each time you start a new project? With this fontastic Mighty Deal from FontArt, you'll get 47 different handcrafted fonts in 1 mega bundle. Available as both Desktop and Web Fonts, this huge collection is perfect for everything from elegant wedding invitations to whimsical T-shirts. Get all 47 fonts now for just $24!

130+ Seamless Vector Patterns from Patternous - only $9!

Put the fun in your projects with this friendly Mighty Deal featuring 130+ Vector Patterns from Patternous. This vector set contains more than 130 seamless vector patterns, fully customizable and ready for use. Get this bundle of 130+ seamless patterns for just $9!

Infographic Mega Bundle: Thousands of Graphic Elements - only $24!

If you create infographics, you'll find yourself saving tons of time with this incredibly massive mega bundle! Packed with 5 Infographic Bundles, you're getting 1000s of graphic elements to put together the perfect infographic faster and easier than ever. You'll also get icon sets, text effects, vector illustrations and so much more. Get it all now for just $24!

TT Teds Font Family (18 unique fonts) - only $9!

TT Teds is one powerful Font Family! Packed with 9 different weights and both regular and True Italics styles, it's like getting 18 unique fonts in one. With its relatively tall lowercase characters, TT Teds is easy to read, even at the smallest of text sizes. Get all 18 different fonts for only $9!

25 Hi-Res/Hi-Def Live Photoshop Mockups with Looped - only $17!

Mockups are a great way to easily show off your designs in a realistic manner. But with Looped, you can take things a step further and produce hi-def Live Animated Photoshop Mockups. Easy to use with Smartobjects, you can export these hi-res loops as png-sequences, gifs or videos. Get Looped for only $17!

Complete WordPress Theme Developer Course - only $17!

The Complete WordPress Theme Developer Course is chock full of 20+ hours of video instruction that will teach you everything you need to know about building a fully functional modern WordPress theme from scratch. Get full access to the Complete WordPress Theme Developer Course for only $17!

Professional Logo Creation Kit Bundle with 500+ Elements - only 14!

This fantabulous mega bundle is really 3 Logo Creation Kits in 1! In total, you'll get yourself more than 500 professional design elements to create your new logo. Each element is fully customizable thanks to the original PSD, AI and EPS files that let you change up the color, shape, size and more. Get all 3 amazing sets for only $14!

Premium Vector Bundle with 500 Design Elements - only $25!

Start the love season with a brand new quality vector bundle that includes 500 design elements from Valentine's Day to Easter, Mother's Day, 4th of July and New Year's Eve celebration. These illustrations, labels and posters are just perfect for creating everything from holiday cards to advertisements. Get all 500 high-quality design elements for only $25!

4 Contemporary Font Families from Typesketchbook - only $12!

These 4 contemporary font families are a great choice for a variety of projects from editorial to Web design to T-shirts. With regular and italics styles, multiple weights and a slew of OpenType Features, this is one family you certainly want to make room for in your home. Get all 4 fabulous font families now for only $12!

Create Personalized Fonts in Seconds with Prototypo - only $47!

Always wanted to create your own fonts but wasn't quite sure how? With the powerful typeface tool Prototypo, you can whip up your own creative fonts in just a few clicks. Start with any of 3 font templates and merely adjust more than 30 different sliders to complete your own personal typeface. You can even preview it on the Web before finalizing your files. Get a full year of this amazing font creator tool for just $47!

130+ Clip-art Floral Elements and Frames - only $18!

Love season is approaching with his warmth and it comes with the charming looks of the nature, and we'll be enchanted by the dazzling colors of flowers, bees, beautiful butterflies, birds, pleasant weather and delightful sounds. This bundle comes with the same colorful beauties like lots of watercolor flowers, branches butterflies, birds and much more. Get all 130+ floral elements and frames for only $18!

Foundation 6 Website Themes + Visual Editor Foundation Framer - 40% off

Now's your chance to jump on one of the hottest front-end frameworks around for creating mobile-friendly websites: Foundation 6! This Mighty Deal doesn't just feature a bundle of 10 Foundation 6 website themes - You also get the super cool Foundation Framer app that lets you edit and design your themes visually without worrying about a lick of code. Get it now for 40% off!
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