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47 Professional Handcrafted Fonts from FontArt - only $24!

Sick of searching around for the perfect font each time you start a new project? With this fontastic Mighty Deal from FontArt, you'll get 47 different handcrafted fonts in 1 mega bundle. Available as both Desktop and Web Fonts, this huge collection is perfect for everything from elegant wedding invitations to whimsical T-shirts. Get all 47 fonts now for just $24!

TT Teds Font Family (18 unique fonts) - only $9!

TT Teds is one powerful Font Family! Packed with 9 different weights and both regular and True Italics styles, it's like getting 18 unique fonts in one. With its relatively tall lowercase characters, TT Teds is easy to read, even at the smallest of text sizes. Get all 18 different fonts for only $9!

4 Contemporary Font Families from Typesketchbook - only $12!

These 4 contemporary font families are a great choice for a variety of projects from editorial to Web design to T-shirts. With regular and italics styles, multiple weights and a slew of OpenType Features, this is one family you certainly want to make room for in your home. Get all 4 fabulous font families now for only $12!

7 Beautiful Script Fonts from Unicode - only $12!

Script fonts add a real sense of elegance to any project. That's why this Mighty Deal is mighty elegant! You'll get 7 gorgeous script fonts for 1 ridiculously low price. Packed with decorative characters, dancing baselines, and loads of OpenType Features, this bundle is your Go To Font Collection for everything from invitations to greeting cards. Get all 7 script fonts for just $12!

Exclusive: 2017 Valentine's Bundle of 35 Fonts - only $24!

Love fonts? Well, Mighty Deals is spreading the typeface love with this Valentine's Bundle consisting of 35 different professional fonts, culled from 6 different authors! Packed with OpenType features such as swashes, alternates and ligatures, this is one massive deal guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat. Get all 35 fabulous fonts for only $24!

Gerlach Sans Family with 16 styles - only $15!

Named after the highest mountain peak in Slovakia, Gerlach Sans is a truly top-of-the-line font family. This terrific typeface sports 8 unique weights, plus a genuine italics style for each. Toss in mountains of OpenType features and figures from superscripts to fractions, and this playful font is everything you'll need for your latest project to succeed. Get the entire Font Family for only $15!

Mega Font Bundle of 32 Vintage, Grunge Font Families - only $29!

This Mighty Deal from Cruzine Design features 32 Premium Grunge Font Families at 1 hugely discounted price. That's 200+ individual typefaces in retro, vintage and grunge styles. With an extended license, the sky's the limit in terms of how many projects you're going to use these on. Get all 205 fonts for only $29!

Cricket Font in Regular & Distressed Styles - only $5!

Need a fun, friendly font to add a little warmth to your latest project? Then you'd do well to check out the Cricket Font, which just happens to be our latest Mighty Deal! This curvy typeface comes in both a regular and distressed style and is really a great choice for putting together all sorts of projects, particularly menus or recipes.

Corals Font: A Modern Humanistic Family from Typetype - only $9!

Get a modern take on a truly classic typeface with this Mighty Deal from TYPETYPE. TT Corals is a beautiful modern humanistic sans-serif font family that inspires creativity with its freshness and novelty. With 6 different weights and an italics style, this Font Family features 12 unique fonts. Get all 12 creative fonts for only $9!

42 Professional Fonts from Mellow Design Lab - only $9!

It's time to give your typeface toolbox a serious expansion! With this Mighty Deal from Mellow Design Lab, you'll get 42 high-quality, professional fonts for 1 ridiculously low price. With styles ranging from Script to Display, you'll also get plenty of OpenType features and an extended license to ensure you're set to design away til your heart's content! Get all 42 fonts for a mere 9!

8 Vintage Professional Display Fonts and Shapes - only $15!

This Mighty Deal features 8 Professional Display Fonts and Shapes sets to make your latest project even more of a masterpiece! Inspired by sign paintings from the golden age of yesteryear, these fonts feature a variety of styles, OpenType Features and even fully scalable vector shapes. Get all 8 professional display fonts and shapes sets for only $15!

20 Fabulous Handwritten Fonts from Area Type Studio - only $19!

Need some new life in your font collection? Then look no further! This Mighty Deal from Area Type Studio features 20 professional handwritten fonts that are the perfect choice for everything from wedding invitations to posters. With multilingual support, encoded characters and plenty of OpenType Features, you're getting a massive bargain at basically less than $1 per font!

Corporative Sans Rounded Complete Family of 32 Fonts – only $15!

Time to give a well rounded Font Family a good home! Corporative Sans Rounded offers a friendly face with curved terminals that work fantastically for both display and small sizes. Multiple weights, alternatives and italics make up this collection of 32 professional fonts. Great for all types of branding from logos to packaging. Get all 32 fonts for only $15!

Graviola and Graviola Soft Typefaces with 32 Super Friendly Fonts - only $17!

Graviola and Graviola Soft are two fantastic Font Families chock full of 32 unique fonts which each come loaded with oodles of OpenType Features from alternate characters to ligatures. Toss in multilingual support for 90+ languages and more than 500 characters per family and you've got one fabulous addition to your typeface toolbox. Get all 32 super friendly fonts for only $17!

8 Fresh Script Fonts from Rabbittype - only $12!

Add some serious elegance to your Typeface Library with this gorgeous bundle! With this Mighty Deal from Rabbittype, you'll get yourself 8 fantastic fonts for 1 incredibly low price. You'll get a nice variety of styles, as well as various OpenType features to really mix things up nicely. Get all 8 terrific typefaces for only $12!

Latina Complete Font Family from Latinotype - only $19!

Go big or go small! If that's your attitude, then jump on this Mighty Deal featuring the Latina Complete Font Family! This humanist typeface designed for use in continuous text features 11 unique weights, italics, small caps, loads of OpenType features and even supports more than 200 unique languages. Get this complete font family for only $19!

The Immense Typography Collection of 120+ Fonts & Logos - only $17!

Two great tastes that taste great together? If you ask a designer the answer's simple: fonts and logos! Now you can get 2 fantastic collections in 1 Mighty Deal from Font & Graphic Land. Yep, The Immense Typography Collection features more than 30 high-quality fonts and over 90 easy-to edit modern logo templates! Can't you just taste the success already? Get all 32 fonts and 93 pre-made logos for only $17!

Bundle: 6 Hand-Painted Script Fonts from Dhan Studio - only $9!

Here's your chance to get your artistic hands on a beautiful set of 6 hand-painted script fonts! This set sports a slew of OpenType features from ligatures to swashes, as well as International Language Support and PUA-Encoded characters. If you're looking to create some fabulous products from mugs to T-shirts to posters, you can't go wrong with this six-pack! Get all 6 hand-painted script fonts for only $9!

14 Unique Fonts in TT Cottons from TYPETYPE - only $9!

Talk about your cozy deals! This Mighty Deal from TypeType features TT Cottons, a font family that's sure to give you the warm and fuzzies. Add a touch of spring and hand-made style to your latest project with this set of 14 different fonts that features 7 weights, 410 glyphs and multilingual support for 70+ languages. Get all 14 typefaces for only $9!
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