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120+ High-Res Apparel Mockups - $15!

Save time and serious money with this gorgeous collection of 120+ high-res apparel mockups. Easily edit this layered files to change up the colors, logo, textures and shirt designs to see exactly how your product would look in real printed life. With 27 different models, you'll see a wide range of clothing for men, women and children. Get all 120+ apparel mockups for only $15!

Corporative Sans Rounded Complete Family of 32 Fonts – only $15!

Time to give a well rounded Font Family a good home! Corporative Sans Rounded offers a friendly face with curved terminals that work fantastically for both display and small sizes. Multiple weights, alternatives and italics make up this collection of 32 professional fonts. Great for all types of branding from logos to packaging. Get all 32 fonts for only $15!

430 Vector Logo Design Templates & 200 Logo Kit Elements - only $17!

Build the perfect logo for yourself or your clients with this extra-special Mighty Deal. This bundle includes 400+ Vector Logo Design Templates, as well as 200 Logo Kit Elements to create your own terrific logos. Easy to customize, these elements cover a wide variety of styles and arrive in multiple file formats. Get all 630 vector elements for only $17!

Video Course: How to Build Wordpress Themes from Scratch - only $17!

With the How to Build Wordpress Themes from Scratch video course, you'll get the full lowdown on exactly how to create and launch your own custom Wordpress sites and Web apps. You'll master using Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS and everything needed to build custom websites. Best of all, no previous coding experience is necessary at all. Get the How to Build Wordpress Themes from Scratch course for only $17!

Graviola and Graviola Soft Typefaces with 32 Super Friendly Fonts - only $17!

Graviola and Graviola Soft are two fantastic Font Families chock full of 32 unique fonts which each come loaded with oodles of OpenType Features from alternate characters to ligatures. Toss in multilingual support for 90+ languages and more than 500 characters per family and you've got one fabulous addition to your typeface toolbox. Get all 32 super friendly fonts for only $17!

75 High-Quality Geometric Patterns from Kloroform - only $21

Geometric patterns are a perfect way to add some style to your latest project. Whether it's packaging designs or company presentations, this bundle of 75 Geometric Patterns is a steal. Made from 12 unique sets, you'll get hi-res seamless patterns that you can easily customize the colors in Photoshop or Illustrator. Get all 75 geometric patterns for just $21!

Mega Snow & Winter Bundle from Feingold Design - only $11!

This bundle contains 9 high-quality design products for your perfect winter time. Simulating photorealistic snow or fog for photography, web or print design has never been that easy. Various snow objects as well as 16 artistic snowflakes with transparent background will add a special touch to your Christmas and winter designs. Get Mega Snow & Winter Bundle for only $11!

The Original CMYK Playing Cards - only $9!

Brilliantly stripping away all the heritage and history of good playing card design, we've removed everything we could. The suits have been swapped for the printer's choice of ink: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, and the design on the back created from the kind of utilitiarian registration marks and checks usually never seen by the public. Get a deck now for just $9!

600+ Premium Photoshop Brushes from Layerform - only $14!

Your Photoshop Brushes collection is about to overflow thanks to this Mighty Deal from Layerform. Made up of 12 unique sets of brushes, this deal gets you more than 600 premium Photoshop brushes at one insanely low price. Everything from sunbursts to watercolor to coffee stains are represented here in beautiful hi-res vector files. Get all 604 Photoshop Brushes for just $14!

8 Fresh Script Fonts from Rabbittype - only $12!

Add some serious elegance to your Typeface Library with this gorgeous bundle! With this Mighty Deal from Rabbittype, you'll get yourself 8 fantastic fonts for 1 incredibly low price. You'll get a nice variety of styles, as well as various OpenType features to really mix things up nicely. Get all 8 terrific typefaces for only $12!

20 Royalty-Free Epic Cinematic Action Music Tracks - only $29!

This is the hand-picked bundle of Epic Cinematic Action music tracks perfect for trailers, action films and videos, sports, games and more. Created by 16 different award-winning artists. Are you looking for that ultimate Hollywood sound? Then this bundle is for you! Get all 20 royalty-free tracks for only $29!

31 WordPress Themes + Bonus Elements from ThemeRex - only $27!

Grab yourself a slew of premium WordPress Themes for a ridiculously discounted price. This MIghty Deal from ThemeRex includes 31 responsive WordPress Themes covering a variety of styles from artistic to corporate. Woocommerce ready, this bundle also includes bonus plugins to help you build the perfect website for less. Get all 31 WordPress Themes and the bonus items for only $27!

The Smashing eBook 5 - Real-Life Responsive Web Design - only $9!

The best way to learn is by example. And with The Smashing eBook 5 - Real-Life Responsive Web Design, you'll have more than a dozen solid examples! In 12+ chapters and 650+ pages, industry pros share their real-world tips, tricks, techniques and strategies for working with Responsive Design. Get The Smashing eBook 5 - Real-Life Responsive Web Design for just $9! 

Layers Pro Bundle: 4 Powerful WordPress Tools & More - only $39!

If you have a WordPress website, you're in for a treat! This amazing Layers Pro Bundle features 4 fabulous tools to make your life easier and your site infinitely better. Layers Pro offers the most user-friendly, customizable WP theme around. This is easily a can't-miss bundle! Get all 4 powerful tools for only $39!

Latina Complete Font Family from Latinotype - only $19!

Go big or go small! If that's your attitude, then jump on this Mighty Deal featuring the Latina Complete Font Family! This humanist typeface designed for use in continuous text features 11 unique weights, italics, small caps, loads of OpenType features and even supports more than 200 unique languages. Get this complete font family for only $19!

Christmas Bundle of 400+ Design Elements from Graphicdome - only $14!

It's that wonderful time of year again! Christmas is coming and this MIghty Deal is a fantastic way to celebrate early! This Christmas Bundle is made up of 12 different item types including more than 400 individual design elements from gift tags to toolkits to vector elements and text effects. Multiple file formats of AI, EPS and PSD files are highly customizable. Get all 400+ design elements in this pack for only $14!

The Design Deck - Playing Cards for Designers - only $14!

Learn graphic design while playing poker! The Design Deck is a deck of playing cards that doubles as a practical guide to graphic design. Each of the 52 faces contains a useful piece of information about graphic design, including typography, color theory, design techniques, history, and more, with beautiful visual examples. It normally sells for $19.90, but for a limited time only, you can get it for just $14!

The Immense Typography Collection of 120+ Fonts & Logos - only $17!

Two great tastes that taste great together? If you ask a designer the answer's simple: fonts and logos! Now you can get 2 fantastic collections in 1 Mighty Deal from Font & Graphic Land. Yep, The Immense Typography Collection features more than 30 high-quality fonts and over 90 easy-to edit modern logo templates! Can't you just taste the success already? Get all 32 fonts and 93 pre-made logos for only $17!
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