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Lifetime Access: Themezilla WordPress Themes (Forever Membership) - $49!

With this Mighty Deal you'll get a Forever Membership to Themezilla and Pixel Union's fabulous library of premium WordPress Themes for a fraction of the cost. That's a lifetime of support and access to 33+ professional themes ranging in style from blog to magazine to photography. Unlimited access. Unlimited usage. Unlimited updates. Without the unlimited costs! Get a Forever membership to Themezilla for just $49!

Build your own custom Photoshop and Illustrator panels - only $9!

With this Photoshop and Illustrator Custom Tool, in mere seconds you can create your own Photoshop and Illustrator panels, highlighting your favorite scripts from any number of sources. Highly customizable, the PS Custom Tool includes 65 default tools to get you going. Get this tool now for only $9!

Enjoy Making Sites for Clients Again with Pulse CMS - only $19!

Pulse CMS lets you quickly and easily create static sites for your customers based on custom designs. With an incredibly robust and user-friendly admin UI for clients, you can whip up fast, secure sites in no time flat. Fully responsive, simple to edit, auto backups, self-hosted CMS, white labeling and so much more makes this one tool you really need to keep your pulse on. Get Pulse CMS for just $19!

Bundle: 800 High-Quality Seamless Photoshop Patterns - only $14!

Give your designs that extra touch with this gorgeous collection of 800 Seamless Photoshop Patterns. A mix of color and grayscale, you'll get a huge variety of themes from straight lines to polka dots. These high-quality PAT files work in Adobe Photoshop for Windows and Mac OS. Get all 800 seamless patterns for only $14!

BUNDLE: Gorgeous Flower Graphics - only $25!

Want to grow an instant flower garden for your artwork? Not a problem with the Flower Power Graphics Mega Bundle, loaded with hundreds of beautiful antique flower and botanical graphics. Additional sets cover floral-related items such as silk flowers, seed catalogs, field and forest items and more. Get the full Flower Power Graphics Mega Bundle for only $25!

160 Website Flowchart Cards from The UI Shop - only $7!

The first step in building a new website is laying out the flow. That's where a sitemap or flowchart comes in handy. However, they can be pretty time consuming to build. Unless you jump on this Mighty Deal, of course! You'll get the incredible tool, 160 Flowchart Cards, which makes is super simple to create professional presentations in record time. Get all 160 Website Flowchart Cards for only $7!

Bundle: 1300+ Versatile Photoshop Brushes from Inventicons - only $19!

Your artistic toolbox will dance with joy when you add more than 1300 professional, handmade brushes that were developed for up to 5000 x 5000 canvas sizes. From grunge to coffee to fire, these high-quality brushes will breathe a whole new life into your designs. Get this collection of 1300+ Photoshop Brushes for just $19!

16 Print-Ready Creative Resume Templates from TheResumeCreator - only $24!

This Mighty Deal from TheResumeCreator gives you the perfect tools to wow your would-be employers. Get 16 fully editable, creative resume templates for Word and Indesign. Visually appealing and print ready, these templates even come with matching cover letter templates to complete the total package. Get all 16 resume templates for just $24!

Superb Fonts Bundle of 7 Script & Display Typefaces - only $7!

If you're looking to add some real elegance and class to your typeface toolbox, this Mighty Deal has you covered! You'll get 7 modern script fonts that are simply gorgeous, elegant and romantic. Classic yet modern, these fonts feature loads of OpenType features from ligatures to swashes, as well as multilingual support. And at just $7 for the set, that comes to a mere $1 per font!

The Complete Web Developer Course from Rob Percival - only $17!

Whether you're a total programming amateur or an innovative coder, you have plenty to gain from this resourceful programming course, from Rob Percival. The Complete Web Developer Course will have you building 25 actual websites and mobile apps as you learn a variety of today's most useful languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, MySQL and more. Get The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 for just $17!

Ultra Mega WordPress Plugin Bundle of 80 Premium Plugins - 99% off!

A simple WordPress plugin can turn your basic site into a fun site. Now add 80 great WP plugins to your site and you've pushed the ceiling to new heights. That's exactly what you get with this Ultra Mega WordPress Plugin Bundle from PopNet Media, full of 80 unique premium plugins covering everything from social media to engagement. Get all 80 premium WordPress plugins for just $27!

Corporative Complete Family (64 different fonts) – only $19!

If you need a real versatile font that works great on large text as well as small, take a close look at this Mighty Deal from Latinotype! The complete Corporative Font Family features a total of 64 different fonts that range from hair to black. This collection also features alternate versions, italics, condensed widths and 350 unique glyphs, which help you speak up to 128 different languages. Get all 64 unique fonts for only $19!

Mockup Scene Generator Bundle: I Am Creator Perspective Edition - only $14!

Now you can easily and quickly build up a variety of different mockups using the I Am Creator Perspective collection. Easy to use, just drag and drop more than 400 high-resolution items into a scene. This bundle includes a variety of elements to let you build everything from industrial designers to fany scenes to love-filled ones. Completely customizable, these high-res items and scenes are perfect for big retina screens as well as printed projects. Get I Am Creator Perspective Edition for only $14!

5 Elegant Calligraphy Fonts from Moriztype Studio - only $9!

If you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your current projects, look no further than this Mighty Deal from Moriztype Studio. You'll get yourself a fabulous collection of 5 modern script fonts, each featuring loads of OpenType Features and multiple languages. Gorgeous, modern and created by hand, this magnificent collection is sure to give your typeface toolbox the curvaceous lift it deserves. Get all 5 fonts for only $9!

The Crafter Bundle of 9 Beautiful Script Fonts - only $15!

This Crafter Bundle Mighty Deal from Joelmaker Studio features 9 magnificent typefaces in 1 beautifully discounted package. These hand drawn calligraphy, vintage and brush fonts are the perfect mix of modern and classic, each sporting a variety of features such as Stylistic Alternates, Swashes, Ligatures and more. Get all 9 gorgeous typefaces for only $15!

Supermassive 1600+ Hi-Res Backgrounds Bundle - only $17!

This Supermassive Backgrounds Bundle features more than 1600 hi-res background files to spice up your flyers, posters, presentations, websites and more. With the included Extended License, you can use any or all of these backgrounds as often as you'd like for personal or professional projects. Get this gorgeous collection of 1600+ hi-res backgrounds for only $17!

Get Detailizer 2: Detail Booster for Photoshop - only $14!

The Detailizer 2 Photoshop plugin decomposes images into 5 detail ranges, which you easily boost independently. You can even automate a script to suit your needs! Normally you'd pay $30 for this incredible detail-minded plugin, but for a limited time only, you can get Detailizer 2 for just $14!
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