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MOONS: An Elegant Font Family of 10 Typefaces - only $9!

This incredible Mighty Deals looks to the stars as it offers the slim and elegant Moons Font Family. Composed of 10 unique typefaces, this mysterious and charming typeface is an excellent choice for contemporary digital designs with its narrow proportions and 5 unique weights. While it doesn't speak Martian, this Font Family does support more than 70 languages! Get all 10 typefaces for only $9!

Ultra Mega WordPress Plugin Bundle of 80 Premium Plugins - 99% off!

A simple WordPress plugin can turn your basic site into a fun site. Now add 80 great WP plugins to your site and you've pushed the ceiling to new heights. That's exactly what you get with this Ultra Mega WordPress Plugin Bundle from PopNet Media, full of 80 unique premium plugins covering everything from social media to engagement. Get all 80 premium WordPress plugins for just $27!

Corporative Complete Family (64 different fonts) – only $19!

If you need a real versatile font that works great on large text as well as small, take a close look at this Mighty Deal from Latinotype! The complete Corporative Font Family features a total of 64 different fonts that range from hair to black. This collection also features alternate versions, italics, condensed widths and 350 unique glyphs, which help you speak up to 128 different languages. Get all 64 unique fonts for only $19!

Mockup Scene Generator Bundle: I Am Creator Perspective Edition - only $14!

Now you can easily and quickly build up a variety of different mockups using the I Am Creator Perspective collection. Easy to use, just drag and drop more than 400 high-resolution items into a scene. This bundle includes a variety of elements to let you build everything from industrial designers to fany scenes to love-filled ones. Completely customizable, these high-res items and scenes are perfect for big retina screens as well as printed projects. Get I Am Creator Perspective Edition for only $14!

Corpo Font Family: 24 Sans & Serif Typefaces - only $15!

Everything old is new again. And in this case it really is, as Mateusz Machalski has created all new versions of 2 old fonts. The new Corpo Font Family consists of Corpo Serif and Corpo Sans - 2 friendly Font Families that are a great choice for headline and display use. With 12 variants and 6 weights apiece, you're taking home 24 Sans and Serif Typefaces for a fraction of the regular cost! Get all 24 fonts as Desktop fonts for only $15!

5 Elegant Calligraphy Fonts from Moriztype Studio - only $9!

If you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your current projects, look no further than this Mighty Deal from Moriztype Studio. You'll get yourself a fabulous collection of 5 modern script fonts, each featuring loads of OpenType Features and multiple languages. Gorgeous, modern and created by hand, this magnificent collection is sure to give your typeface toolbox the curvaceous lift it deserves. Get all 5 fonts for only $9!

The Crafter Bundle of 9 Beautiful Script Fonts - only $15!

This Crafter Bundle Mighty Deal from Joelmaker Studio features 9 magnificent typefaces in 1 beautifully discounted package. These hand drawn calligraphy, vintage and brush fonts are the perfect mix of modern and classic, each sporting a variety of features such as Stylistic Alternates, Swashes, Ligatures and more. Get all 9 gorgeous typefaces for only $15!

Supermassive 1600+ Hi-Res Backgrounds Bundle - only $17!

This Supermassive Backgrounds Bundle features more than 1600 hi-res background files to spice up your flyers, posters, presentations, websites and more. With the included Extended License, you can use any or all of these backgrounds as often as you'd like for personal or professional projects. Get this gorgeous collection of 1600+ hi-res backgrounds for only $17!

Get Detailizer 2: Detail Booster for Photoshop - only $14!

The Detailizer 2 Photoshop plugin decomposes images into 5 detail ranges, which you easily boost independently. You can even automate a script to suit your needs! Normally you'd pay $30 for this incredible detail-minded plugin, but for a limited time only, you can get Detailizer 2 for just $14!

3 Amazing TypeType Font Families, 50+ Fonts - only $17!

When it comes to fonts, you either want quality or quantity. In some cases, you can get both, like this Mighty Deal from the TypeType Foundry! You'll get 3 popular Font Families that are as packed with high-quality awesomeness as they are with number of typefaces in each family. You'll snag more than 50 unique fonts in a variety of styles, all with major multilingual support. Get all 3 TypeType Font Families for only $17!

5,000+ Professional Text Effects from John Forsythe - only $29!

This incredible Mighty Deal from John Forsythe features more than 5,000 Professional Photoshop Text Effects. Simple to use, these effects are culled from 24 different sets and cover everything from Neon Lights to Textured Metals to Furry Animals. Impress your clients without even working up a sweat! Get all 5,000+ Photoshop Text Effects plus the bonus PSD templates and textures for only $29!

10 Gorgeous Hand-Made Script Fonts from BonjourType - only $12!

If you're looking to add a little elegance to your typeface tool chest, you'll want to cast your peepers on this Mighty Deal! A fabulous bundle from BonjourType, your purchase gets you 10 gorgeous handmade script fonts to lift your latest project to new heights. Get all 10 typefaces for only $12!

Laura Worthington's Yana Typeface (3 Font Styles) - only $15!

Meet the Yana Font Family, from Laura Worthington. Classy and calligraphic, this versatile serif just exudes confidence. Full of swashes, alternates, small and large caps, Yana includes 3 different styles: Regular, Bold and Italics. Whether you're working on a new logo or need something elegant for a title or headline, Yana's got you covered. Get the Yana Font Family for only $15!

100 High-Quality Business Flyer Templates - only $17!

Colorful, professional business flyers are a great and easy way to promote your company or service. Designing these flyers, however, can be an expensive and time-consuming affair. Well, it can if you don't jump on this amazing Mighty Deal from PSD Templates! You'll get 100 professional business flyer templates in PSD format. They're also print-ready, so you just need to make your changes and you're off to the printers! Get all 100 templates for only $17!

30+ Creative Auto-Calculating Invoice Templates - only $9!

With this fantatic Mighty Deal from InvoiceBus, for one crazy low price, you'll get more than 30 creative invoice templates that are certain to stick out from the pile on your client's desk. Easily configure the templates and manipulate rows through drag-and-drop. Get all 34 creative invoice templates for only $9, instead of the regular price of $105!

Rounds Condensed: A Friendly Font Family with 10 Typefaces - only $9!

Round out your typeface collection with this beautiful condensed version of the Rounds Font Family. TypeType's collection of Rounds Condensed features 10 different fonts in 1 Mighty Deal. Get 5 unique weights in both regular and italic styles. Great for print and online, this curvaceous collection includes more than 400 glyphs per font and over 70 different languages to suit your latest project's needs Get all 10 fonts for a mere $9!

65 Hi-Res Book Mockups from Zippy Pixels - only $14!

Curious what your book cover will really look like when it's printed? No need to imagine anymore, not when you can simply snag this Mighty Deal packed with 65 Photorealistic Book Mockups! These hi-res images will easily let you swap in your images on a variety of different book types from soft cover to hardcover to paperbacks in no time at all. Get all 65 hi-res book mockups for only $14!

The Hand Crafters Font Bundle of 15 Premium Font Families + Extras - only $17!

Easily add an arsenal of hand-lettered fonts to your TypeFace Toolbox with this amazing Mighty Deal. You'll get 15 premium Font Families made up of more than 35 unique hand-crafted fonts. In addition to these hand-lettered fonts, you'll also get a huge collection of more than 100 hand-drawn vectors, glyphs, custom brushes, ornaments and more. Get all 15 Premium Font Families for only $17!

The Gibon Font Family: A Complete Comic Book Lettering Kit - only $12!

BAM! Superheroes are only as mighty as the words that come out of their mouth. With the Gibon Comic Book Lettering Kit, you'll have the power right in the palm of your hands. A great tool for lettering comic books and strips, the Gibon Font Family includes a number of different styles and weights to help you be as creative as you can. A multilayer feature even lets you work in built-in shadows, 3D effects and outlines. Get the entire Comic Book Lettering Kit for just $12!
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