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5,000+ Professional Text Effects from John Forsythe - only $29!

This incredible Mighty Deal from John Forsythe features more than 5,000 Professional Photoshop Text Effects. Simple to use, these effects are culled from 24 different sets and cover everything from Neon Lights to Textured Metals to Furry Animals. Impress your clients without even working up a sweat! Get all 5,000+ Photoshop Text Effects plus the bonus PSD templates and textures for only $29!

10 Gorgeous Hand-Made Script Fonts from BonjourType - only $12!

If you're looking to add a little elegance to your typeface tool chest, you'll want to cast your peepers on this Mighty Deal! A fabulous bundle from BonjourType, your purchase gets you 10 gorgeous handmade script fonts to lift your latest project to new heights. Get all 10 typefaces for only $12!

100 High-Quality Business Flyer Templates - only $17!

Colorful, professional business flyers are a great and easy way to promote your company or service. Designing these flyers, however, can be an expensive and time-consuming affair. Well, it can if you don't jump on this amazing Mighty Deal from PSD Templates! You'll get 100 professional business flyer templates in PSD format. They're also print-ready, so you just need to make your changes and you're off to the printers! Get all 100 templates for only $17!

30+ Creative Auto-Calculating Invoice Templates - only $9!

With this fantatic Mighty Deal from InvoiceBus, for one crazy low price, you'll get more than 30 creative invoice templates that are certain to stick out from the pile on your client's desk. Easily configure the templates and manipulate rows through drag-and-drop. Get all 34 creative invoice templates for only $9, instead of the regular price of $105!

65 Hi-Res Book Mockups from Zippy Pixels - only $14!

Curious what your book cover will really look like when it's printed? No need to imagine anymore, not when you can simply snag this Mighty Deal packed with 65 Photorealistic Book Mockups! These hi-res images will easily let you swap in your images on a variety of different book types from soft cover to hardcover to paperbacks in no time at all. Get all 65 hi-res book mockups for only $14!

The Hand Crafters Font Bundle of 15 Premium Font Families + Extras - only $17!

Easily add an arsenal of hand-lettered fonts to your TypeFace Toolbox with this amazing Mighty Deal. You'll get 15 premium Font Families made up of more than 35 unique hand-crafted fonts. In addition to these hand-lettered fonts, you'll also get a huge collection of more than 100 hand-drawn vectors, glyphs, custom brushes, ornaments and more. Get all 15 Premium Font Families for only $17!

The Gibon Font Family: A Complete Comic Book Lettering Kit - only $12!

BAM! Superheroes are only as mighty as the words that come out of their mouth. With the Gibon Comic Book Lettering Kit, you'll have the power right in the palm of your hands. A great tool for lettering comic books and strips, the Gibon Font Family includes a number of different styles and weights to help you be as creative as you can. A multilayer feature even lets you work in built-in shadows, 3D effects and outlines. Get the entire Comic Book Lettering Kit for just $12!

3D Lettering Mega Bundle with Extended License - only $12!

Say it with style thanks to this slick Mighty Deal from Cruzine Design! You'll get 6 creative sets of 3D letters and custom fonts covering a variety of styles from Wood to Yellow Neon to Stone. These hi-res files clock in at 2500x2500 px and 300 dpi, and are provided in multiple file formats such as transparent PNG, AI, TTF and OTF. Get all 6 creative sets for only $12!

Creative Kitchen Font Bundle: 6 Delicious Font Families + Extras - only $18!

This Mighty Deal from Cruzine includes 6 super creative Font Families. The Creative Kitchen Font Bundle offers a real creative variety including grunge and textured style fonts. You'll get each typeface in a variety of file formats to use as you see fit. Besides premium typefaces, these Font Families also include some incredible transparent shapes, backgrounds and photos. Get all 6 Font Families for only $18!

The Creative & Grunge Font Toolkit (12 font families) - only $19!

Think your Font Library's old? Well it's time to give it a modern-day facelift, while still reaching to the past. This fantastic font family bundle from Cruzine features 12 creative and grunge vintage font families in 1 mega collection of a deal. That's a total of 57 unique custom fonts done up in a retro, vintage or grunge style. They're perfect for everything from T-shirts to posters to Web templates. Get all 12 font families for only $19!

Fashion Forward with the Revista Font Family of 26 fonts - only $15!

The Revista Font Family consists of 26 unique fonts covering a wide range of weights and styles. Besides a set of uppercase and small caps family, there's a Stencil and Script Family, mixed in with OpenType features including ligatures, alternates, ornaments and dingbats. Fashion forward with Revista and get all 26 fonts for just $15!

9 Beautiful Handwritten Modern Script Fonts - only $17!

If you're looking to add a touch of class and elegance to your latest projects, you'll want to quickly jump on this gorgeous Mighty Deal from Vanroem! Packed with 9 beautiful handwritten typefaces, this bundle sports loads of extra goodies. Besides the spectacular collection of modern script fonts, you'll get tons of OpenType features from alternates to ornaments to swashes. Get all 9 beautiful handwritten fonts for only $17!

750+ Design Elements with Cruzine's Just Flow Light & Dark Editions - only $19!

This double dose of Just Flow is the latest Mighty Deal from the talented Cruzine! Just Flow - Light and Just Flow - Dark combine to offer up some incredible design tools including 500+ abstract photos and backgrounds, 250+ transparent PNG files and 12 hi-res PSD templates. Quick and easy to use, Just Flow lives up to its name in helping you bring your artwork to the next level. Get both editions for only $19!

12 Gorgeous Modern Script Typefaces - $12!

If your typeface toolbox feels a little empty, then this Mighty Deal from Genesis Lab will more than fill it out for you. You'd be hard pressed to find a more beautiful collection of handmade script fonts. This set features 12 modern calligraphy fonts just perfect for creating wedding invitations, signatures, letterhead, logos, T-shirts, and everything in between. Get all 12 fonts for only $12!

The Creative Bundle: Textures, Patterns, Photos, Backgrounds and more - only $27!

Stock up on a ton of creative items NOW with Ultrashock's latest Creative Bundle which contains an incredible assortment of brand new exclusive content including HDR scenic nature photos, vector patterns created from authentic antique Japanese kimono designs, assorted vector textures, hi-res vintage paper images, seamless vector patterns, vintage photo mockups, hi-res textures and backgrounds and much more all with amazing value! Get them all for 95% off!

A Perfect Duo of Beautiful Modern Calligraphy Fonts - only $9!

Add some serious elegance to your Typeface Library with this gorgeous Mighty Deal! You'll get 2 beautiful modern calligraphy fonts for 1 low price: Lettuce and Aqualita. With an assortment of OpenType features including Standard Ligatures, Stylistic Alternates and Stylistic Sets, your latest project will really stand out with a real natural, elegant script style. From wedding invites to T-shirts, your choices are virtually limitless! Get Lettuce and Aqualita as a set for only $9!

99 Hi-Res, Photo-Realistic Newspaper Mockups - only $16!

Curious how your beautifully designed ad is actually going to look in print? With this killer Mighty Deal, from Zippy Pixels, you'll get 99 hi-res photo-realistic newspaper mockups for 1 low price! Get the entire bundle of 99 Photorealistic Newspaper Mockups for only $16!

Creative PNG Lettering Bundle - only $12!

For designers, how you say something is as important as what you're saying. And with this incredible collection of letters, you'll never be at a loss for words! This Mighty Deal features 13 highly creative transparent lettering sets that are made up of a wide variety of objects from plants to beads! Besides including some bonus hi-res JPG photos, this deal features an extended license, so you can say what you need to say anywhere you want! Get all 13 transparent PNG lettering sets for only $12!

Evolve Your Artwork with the Darwin Font Family - 20 fonts for only $15!

Artists are always evolving, so why not follow suit with your typeface toolbox? Grab a hold of the Darwin Font Family from Latinotype and watch your collection grow! This eclectic font family features 2 different subfamilies (Regular and Alternative), each with 10 unique weights. That's like getting 20 different fonts for the price of 1! From Extra Light to Back Italic, you'll have yourself a wide range of styles to choose from as you add some unique style to your latest project. Get all 20 fonts for only $15!
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