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Folklore In Your Code

In today's episode, we talk about a characteristic of code that should throw a warning flag: when you tell a story to describe your code. Today's episode is sponsored by Rollbar. With Rollbar, you get the context, insights and control you need to find and fix bugs faster. Rollbar is offering Developer Tea listeners the Bootstrap Plan, free for 90 days (300,000 errors tracked for free)! Head over to rollbar.com/developertea now for the free 90 day offer!

229: We Need More Counters

On FormKeep, Ben runs an A/B test on trial length and adds a short onboarding survey, meanwhile wrapping up team signups and working on a content licensing deal for Upcase. Derrick reports back from his machine learning class, and discusses an issue in quality assurance testing.

E712: All #AskJason, PT1: VC ethics, investing strategies, picking winners, patents & NDAs, women in entrepreneurship, bootstrapping to success & more

241: The Story of Atom with Nathan Sobo

Nathan Sobo, founding member of the Atom editor team at GitHub, joined the show take us all the way back to the beginning of Atom to learn where it came from, the founding team, the problem it solves, on through to shipping 1.0 and beyond. Sponsors Linode –  Our cloud server of choice! Get one of the fastest, most efficient SSD cloud servers for only $5/mo. Use the code changelog2017 to get 4 months free! Hired –  Get hired. It's free — in fact, they pay you when you get hired. Our listeners get a double hiring bonus of $2,000. Compose –  Production ready, cloud hosted databases. Pick your flavor - MongoDB, Elasticsearch, RethinkDB, Redis, Postgres, etcd, or RabbitMQ. When you're ready to sign up use our special URL compose.com/changelog to get 60-days free on Compose Featuring Nathan Sobo – Twitter, GitHub Adam Stacoviak – Twitter, GitHub Jerod Santo – Twitter, GitHub, Website Notes and Links Lambda the Ultimate Chris Wanstrath Corey Johnson Github Atom's Code-Editor Nerds Take Over Their Universe Atom on Libraries.io Treetop on Libraries.io The super early version of Atom was built on Ace Editor Atom: free and open source for everyone Atom homepage @atomeditor on Twitter Atom on GitHub Atom Flight Manual – Documentation for Atom, generated by nanoc, hosted by GitHub Pages Atom Blog Atom Forum The Changelog #216: Electron and Cross Platform Desktop Apps with Zeke Sikelianos

Sad Topographies: A Collection of Dismal Places to Go When Feeling Low

The names of routes and places often tell short stories, providing glimpses into their history in just a handful of words. But not all of these are happy tales, as Cape Disappointment, Pointless Mountain, Loveless Lake, Hopeless Way and Camp Suicide Road can attest. These and many similarly dismal-sounding roads and locations can all be

59: Jonathan Reinink - Form Hell Part 2: Complex Validation

In this episode, Adam and Jonathan continue their discussion about forms from episode 54, this time focusing on the complexities of validation.

104: A Thumb and a Half

This week Joe and Cody discuss Overcast 3.0, Instagram, Apple Park, and much more.

System Vs. Will Power

In today's episode, we talk about the importance of systems over will-power, and how you can run on autopilot without experiencing the side effects of laziness.

33: Design Speak

Kyle is joined by Jaclyn Perrone to talk about designing with seed data, and how to make a new interface not look empty. They discuss using jobs-to-be-done to influence a product through interviews and job statements, as well as how they approach designing with users in mind, and the value or real users' reactions when testing interfaces.

100: Nouns You Can Verb

Sam Phippen helps us celebrate episode 100, as we discuss Diesel bugs, REST, RPC, and more.
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