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232: Don't Be Boring

As Ben and Derrick prepare their talks for MicroConf, Ben shares his tips and habits for talk preparation and public speaking.

94 | Uncertainty and Trumpery with Alberto Cairo

We have Alberto Cairo from the University of Miami on the show to talk about partisanship and rhetoric, visualizing uncertainty and risk, cognitive biases, and much more.

E718: NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson on building to $1b run rate, early days at Oracle, McAfee & Sun, pioneering enterprise, prioritizing sales, going public, the CEO’s toughest job & the future of employment

The Falling of the Lenins

On the night of December 8, 2013, a huge crowd gathered on a tree-lined boulevard in downtown Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The crowd was there to watch as a statue in the boulevard was pulled down by a crane. The toppled statue was of Vladimir Lenin — the communist leader who started the revolution

122: Capacity Planning

Tim, Alex, and Chris are together answering a listener question about how we do capacity planning at CodePen. Thanks Frederick for the topic suggestion! Tim runs through all the details of how traffic is routed around CodePen's servers. We get into the details of auto-scaling and provisioning with our AWS plan. Also: a discussion of the newest CodePen feature! The post 122: Capacity Planning appeared first on CodePen Blog.

Writing Effective Sales Copy with Sean McCabe

You may have a great product, but it's not going to sell itself. If you can’t convince someone your product is the right one for them, it doesn’t matter how good it is. Nobody’s going to buy. Maybe you can relate: You launched and nobody bought— or only made a few sales. You launched and nobody cared at all. Crickets. You launched but sales plummeted immediately after. Would it surprise you to hear the solution to all these problems is writing? It ALL starts with writing. Crafting the right message is critical. Writing effective sales copy is an incredibly valuable skill. That's why I've brought Sean McCabe on talk with me about writing effective sales copy. Sean is an entrepreneur who writes over a million words a year on business, and has helped tens of thousands of students build and grow sustainable businesses with his courses on copywriting, pricing, and marketing. He knows what he’s talking about! After today's episode, you should be able to sell MORE of what you sell by learning to write effective sales copy.

156: Practical Design Discovery With Dan Brown

Dan Brown is a web designer who specializes in IA, design research, and leading teams. He's written three books: Practical Design Discovery (2017), Designing Together (2013), and Communicating Design (2011), and created a card game, Surviving Design Projects, to help designers practice conflict resolution. Dan and his business partner Nathan Curtis co-founded DC-based UX design firm EightShapes in 2006. What is discovery and why is it important to design? What’s the difference between Discovery and UX Strategy? or Research? How can you sell Discovery to organizations and people who are afraid of it? How has design changed since you got started in the 1990s?

Earth Defense: Shaking Buildings in the World’s Largest Earthquake Simulator

Japanese architecture and building codes have evolved over time to defend against the ever-present threat of earthquakes. Still, no amount of calculations, small-scale physical models or virtual computer modeling can substitute for real world testing. Hence the E-Defense (short for Earth Defense) complex, which houses Japan’s full-scale earthquake simulator. This giant device was designed and

255: Rapidfire 85

On this RapidFire episode we answer your questions on QA processes, accessibility on a gallery of pictures, gulp, Dave explains something like you’re 5, why are there bugs in software, and how to justify mobile site development to stakeholders? All this and a bit of a follow up on this episode of ShopTalk Show! Jump […]

183: Chikezie Ejiasi

I've had my eye on Chikezie Ejiasi and his work since we profiled him for 28 Days of the Web back in 2015. Fast forward to now, and Chikezie is working as a senior interaction designer at Google on their new Daydream VR platform. We had a lot to talk about! He shared information about Daydream and why virtual reality is becoming so popular right now, his "anti-conference" stance, and how not following a traditional design path helped set him up for success today. It's a great conversation that I'm sure you're going to enjoy! (Thanks to one of our patrons, Nate Koechley, for the introduction!) Chikezie Ejiasi on Twitter Chikezie Ejiasi's Website
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