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Andy Rutledge

The way to “get your name out there” is to establish a pattern of excellent work and a reputation for integrity over several years.

Wihan Meerholz

Tell it like it is, in a way they want to hear it.

Pierre Auguste Renoir

There are some things in painting which cannot be explained, and that something is essential.

Rian Hughes

How can there be too many typefaces in the world? Are there too many songs, too many books, too many places to go?

Stephen Coles

A good typographer is always a good reader.

Paul Scrivens

I’m creative because I did an icon navigation while everyone else on the planet sticks to words? No, it just means I didn’t want to stick to convention. If anything you can call it rebellious but certainly not creative.

Alvin Lustig

I make solutions nobody wants to problems that don’t exist.

Gunnar Swanson

Graphic designers find themselves in a role of visual dishwashers for the information Architects' chefs

Orson Welles

Create your own visual style¦ let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

Gonxalo Blanco

There’s no duo more passionate than the design and me.
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