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TV and film examples of source code

Source Code in TV and Films is an awesome little Tumblr blog that curates examples of source code in various television shows and films. But in addition to just showing the code and where it comes from, they also tell you what the code actually means. Very interesting from a developer's point of view.

Lunchbox Slab Serif (1,500+ Glyphs)

Lunchbox Slab is just full of total fun and pure quirkiness. This terrific typeface includes over 1,500 different glyphs, 4 contextual alternatives per character, 3 different weights, 200+ ornaments, stylistic alternatives and loads more. Includes a full set of swashes with 4 style variations. It's also on sale now for 72% off - See the previews

A love of ligatures

Ligatures in typography can make a huge difference in its appearance and make standard type look completely custom. I Love Ligatures showcases beautiful examples of ligatures from all corners of design. It's a great source of typographic inspiration, whether you end up using ligatures in your own work or not.

Grab a color palette from any image

Color Thief is a script that lets you grab the color palette from any image using JavaScript and the canvas tag. Use it for things like a color search, color adapting UI, or any other example where pulling colors from an image automatically is necessary.

Get the work you want

How to Get the Work You Want, from Dan Mall, talks about a couple of methods to get the kinds of work you actually want, rather than just settling for whatever comes along. It's a great place to start if you're trying to figure out how to get work that you'll truly enjoy, rather than just work that will pay the bills.

Interactive stories from the NYTimes

The New York Times publishes a lot of great interactive stories on their website. 2013: The Year in Interactive Storytelling compiles them all in one place, so you can check out all fo their interactive features without having to go searching. There are stories about homeless children, forged art in China and more.

A creative desktop calendar for Marvel fans

During every 28 year cycle, a year will start on the same day of the week as previous years 3 times. That means you can re-use calendars from years past and have the days match up properly! This 2014/1975 Marvel Desktop Wallpaper Calendar is a great example of a vintage calendar you can use for 2014, this time from 1975 (you could also use calendars from 2003, 1997, etc.).

Get started with HTML5 with Thinkful

Getting Started with HTML5 lays the groundwork for getting started working with HTML5, particularly in regard to mobile apps. It discusses how HTML5 works with the accelerometer, geolocation, and speech input. It's a great introduction and starting point.

The death of web design?

It's 2014. Is Web Design Dead?, by Jeffrey Zeldman, discusses how web standards have evolved and how the idea of becoming an HTML "guru" has never been a viable career path for most designers. Zeldman also talks about how the evangelization of web standards has been such an important part in the development of the modern web.