January 16, 2014 · 519,477 awesome subscribers NEWSLETTER ISSUE #103

Responsive one-page HTML5 templates

Here's a great bundle of 21 responsive, one-page HTML website templates with parallax scrolling effect. These themes also feature hot design trends like infinite scrolling, large typography, CSS3 effects, image carousels and loads more. Now on sale for 97% off. See the previews

What's in store for 2014?

Frog has some interesting insight into what's in store for us with their Tech Trends 2014 roundup. They cover a variety of different predictions for the upcoming year, and also give you, the reader, the option to agree or disagree with what they think might happen. Topics cover anonymity, drones, China, and more.

Tools people use to get things done

The Setup is a set of interviews done with various creatives and other professionals about the tools they use to do their work. There are interviews with teachers, bloggers, designers, photographers, illustrators, reporters, musicians, and many others. Questions are basic, and cover hardware, software, and what the person's dream setup would be.

Create gifs with Photoshop

Photoshop's Timeline Rocks is a great article on how to create animated gifs using the Photoshop Timeline feature. It's a really useful technique, and makes creating all the animated gifs you want easy if you're already used to working in Photoshop.

Kickstarter had a busy year!

The Year in Kickstarter 2013 is a recap of the amazing achievements and milestones that Kickstarter had in the past year. Everything from how much money was pledged (and by how many users) to how many projects were successfully funded are covered, with some of the more interesting projects being featured individually.

Code Pen's most popular entries from 2013

Interested in what's been popular on CodePen over the past year? Or looking for some awesome new features to incorporate into your site? The Top Pens of 2013 is a list of the top 100 CodePen Pens from 2013, including things like direction-aware hovering, text shadows, custom buttons, and much more.

An easy way to build custom maps

Google Map Builder makes it quick and easy to build your own custom Google Maps using simple drop-down menus and simple commands. You can customize the markers, size, zoom control, scale control, street view, and even apply a theme from Snazzy Maps. All without having to delve into any code.

The next big thing?

Mashable takes a look at what the next big thing might be in Why We Heart It Could Be the Next Big Social Network. If you're not familiar with We Heart It, the site is a major image-sharing site among those under the age of 24 (unlike Pinterest, which is mostly users over the age of 24). Mashable looks at the other reasons behind We Heart It's potential, too.